Mystery Ford F-150 Lightning May Feature 1000-Plus-HP Concept

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  • Ford will likely build a high-output F-150 Lighting concept based on a recent teaser first reported by the Motor Authority.
  • As part of a larger infographic, the special teaser shows a pickup truck silhouette with “coming soon” in the center.
  • The mystery truck is surrounded by 1000-plus-hp EV concepts like the seven-motor Mach-E 1400 and SuperVan 4.

Ford believes in the high-performance potential of electric vehicles. Look no further than the 1400 Mustang Mach-E seven-motor race car or the 1972-hp SuperVan 4. Both one-off concepts were rolling billboards for the blue oval brand’s vision of EV performance, and now it looks like they’ll be joined by a hi-po version of the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Last week, around the time Ford officially announced its return to Formula 1 racing, the company also released an infographic illustrating how some production models affect its race cars and vice versa. One of the graphics (shown below) features a silhouette of Lightning with the words “coming soon” in the center.

ford ev performance demonstrator infographic

How do we know it’s an electric F-150 silhouette? Well, the title says “EV Performance Demonstrators” and the Lightning is currently Ford’s only EV pickup, so we think that makes that clear enough. We also think the high-powered concept surrounding the mystery of the Lightning suggests it could make over 1000 horsepower. After all, the Mach-E 1400, SuperVan 4, and the 1400-hp Mustang Cobra Jet electric dragster also featured on the infographic all have four-digit hp numbers.


Car and Driver

Ford F100 Illuminator Concept

Car and Driver

While it’s true that the 480-hp Ford F-100 Eluminator concept also featured in the infographic is far from the 1000-hp figure, let’s not forget how powerful the regular F-150 Lightning is. In its most powerful configuration, the EV pickup’s dual electric motors produce a combined 580 horses.

Now imagine the Ford Performance team tasked with building an electric F-150 that would surprise people even more. That’s why we think a 1000-plus-hp Lightning is more than possible.

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