50% discount car insurance, lots of money saved

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Car insurance is one of the most hated expenses by all Italian taxpayers, because it is actually excessively high and not all users are able to pay it once or twice a year.

Discount car insurance
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Car insurance is essential because especially in the event of an accident, allows you to save on the payment of damages, covering the owner 100%.

Anyone is certain that it is the only way to save money by insuring the vehicle, in reality there is another way that generally you don’t consider it because you don’t know it, this has to do with the mileage of the vehicle.

Those who are considering or those who do not pay insurance to save as much as possible will probably change their minds soon after discovering this fantastic news.

The new method that allows you to insure your own vehicle while saving money

Through the second way that we are going to illustrate, you have the possibility of saving at least 50% on car insurance. This is the pay to use method, which is widely used abroad but little known not known at all in Italy.

This is the mileage insurance that can be applied to all cars that do not travel many kilometers in a year and which are therefore entitled to some specific advantages and benefits.

The fixed mileage is 5,000 km, so you can not go further otherwise you have to pay the full amount. This insurance method can be useful to all those who own a second car, a spare one, which is used very little or only on special occasions.

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50% car insurance, here’s what it is and how to activate it

Anyone who thinks they have a car that falls into this category should certainly inform themselves to try to save on annual or six-monthly car insurance by minimizing costs as much as possible.

In this way, the insured vehicle will still be in order, but will allow you to save large sums. To be 50% insured, the vehicle must be equipped with a sort of black box that ensures that the established mileage is not exceeded. If you exceed it you are forced to pay the insurance normally.

All local insurances give the possibility to take advantage of this type of policy, you just need to inquire at the insurance agencies in the area or on the online ones which already in themselves offer the possibility of saving quite substantially.

To do this, just start a Google search and rely on the cheapest insurance that opens the doors to a new parallel world. Obviously, before relying on online insurance, you need to inform yourself to avoid falling into very dangerous scams.