Telepass on another car, using it is prohibited: other than a fine

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Telepass has simplified the life of many workers and students forced to travel for several hours a day.

Telepass on another car
Telepass on another car – Motori.News

Thanks to the device Telepass the passage from the toll booths takes place quickly and without having to face long queues and therefore long waits. In order to function, the device must be combined with the license plate of the vehicle, it can be deduced that a borrowed device or stolen doesn’t work as it should.

Anyone who attempts to circumvent the system risks a fine for unregistered license plates. The figures are high so it is not even worth considering the hypothesis of give it a try.

When you risk getting a fine with Telepass

If you haven’t subscribed to Telepass, you don’t take trips but it happens to organize one in the summer and of be forced to go through several toll booths according to schedule of the route, what should I do?

Anyone would think of borrowing it from a friend, installing it in the car and still avoiding the queues, obviously repaying the device and subscription owner.

At first the solution seems to work because it is a legal method. This is not a scam like many concocted properly by people who are not correct. That’s actually not quite how it works.

Is it correct to ask a friend to borrow the Telepass device and pay back?

At the moment everything is going smoothly, the bar rises so there are no problems of any kind, in reality the behavior has been maintained it’s incorrect and it’s not even the best, so when you return from vacation, you get the Telepass fine for an unregistered number plate.

As if that weren’t enough, the legitimate holder of the Telepass is also charged the toll throughout the motorway section traveled or not, even if the person to whom you lent the device entered at the penultimate toll booth and exited immediately afterwards.

To be applied the correct rate, you need to present a self-certification to request checks, obviously it’s one waste of time but if you think you are right there is no other choice.

It can be deduced that if you want to use Telepass legitimately, you need to register the license plate of the vehicle or of all vehicles.

To request the device and complete the procedure, it is necessary to go to a Blue Point of all motorways, or follow the procedure directly on the Telepass website, in all affiliated banks and provide personal data, residence, identity document and tax code.

Finally, you need an email address and mobile phone number for any communications, access credentials, IBAN code for debit, license plate of the vehicle to be associated and that’s it.