€1697 fine if you do this while driving: you have no escape

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Among the many infringements that it is possible to commit while driving your own car, there are several that are much more serious than the others. One of these could make you suffer a heavy fine, making you really “put off the desire” to do it from here on out. This move, therefore, in addition to being very dangerous, can seriously cause you various problems also from an economic point of view. But what are we talking about? Here’s everything you need to know about this topic.

Fine if you drive like this – Motori.News

Anyone who drives a car has responsibility not only towards themselves, but also towards any passengers on board and other people on the road. In fact, making risky moves risks causing road accidents, with all the serious consequences of the case.

The Traffic Laws it is a set of rules, which must be respected by everyone – motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. In fact, no one can afford to violate a law without receiving penalties based on the seriousness of the act committed.

There are minor infractions, such as a parking ban, and others that are more serious. One of these is undoubtedly the driving with smartphone in hand or ear. Unfortunately, it has become common practice to drive while talking on the phone or even texting at the same time.

These moves can make us distracted from driving, since only one hand will be kept on the steering wheel. In addition, in the worst case it will even take your eyes off the road. The risk of not being ready to avoid any obstacles, therefore, becomes very high.

A distraction of even a few seconds can cost you dearly. In fact, when you’re behind the wheel, every little risk should NEVER be underestimated. The driver has the obligation to pay attention to everything at all times and to behave in the most correct way possible.

Salty fine
Heavy fine if you make this mistake – Motori.News

But what is the risk of anyone who should be “caught” driving with a smartphone in hand or to ear? Here’s everything you need to know about it. We’re sure you won’t do it again.

Hefty fine if you drive with your smartphone in your hand or to your ear: here are all the details

In the last period, the Highway Code has further tightened the penalties for anyone who should become the protagonist of driving with a smartphone in hand. Our advice is to leave the phone in your pocket and “detach” from this element for a few moments. What fine are you risking? Here are the details.

Smartphone driving car
The very heavy fine for driving with a smartphone in hand or ear – Motori.News

If, however, you couldn’t help making or receiving important phone calls, the law permits the use of earphones, provided that only one is inserted, either in the right or in the left ear. In fact, one cannot isolate oneself from external sounds.

Article 173 of the Highway Code says the following thing: “It is forbidden for the driver to use radiotelephone sets or headphones while driving, with the exception of drivers of vehicles of the Armed Forces and Corps referred to in article 138, paragraph 11, and of the police. The use of hands-free devices or devices equipped with earphones is permitted provided the driver has adequate hearing ability in both ears”.

How much is the fine for driving with a cell phone in hand? Lately, the Highway Code has updated the fines regarding this move, which is considered increasingly dangerous to drive. Anyone caught driving with a smartphone in hand risks one fine ranging between 422 euros and as much as 1,697 euros. Furthermore, it could be added the license suspension of up to two months and the subtraction of 5 points from this document.

But that’s not all. Indeed, anyone who were to commit this offense again within 24 months could see their position worsened. With a double offense committed for the use of a smartphone while driving, you risk administrative penalties from 644 euros up to a good 2,588 euros. The deducted points could reach 10 and the suspension of the license from one to three months. A real blow.

The advice, as always, is to always be careful behind the wheel. You will avoid being able to make risky moves and be a risk to everyone’s safety. Furthermore, you will never have to pay very high fines, such as the ones we have just seen.