Turn your high beams on for 3-5 seconds before starting the engine – the reason is brilliant

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If you want to avoid major problems with the car, the first rule to follow is to turn on the high beams for three or five seconds at a particular moment of the day.

Turn on the high beams
Turn on the high beams – Motori.News

It may seem trivial, but this trick helps a lot and solves many problems.

Not doing it means accepting the risk of the car not starting In certain very specific circumstances.

Here is the trick that solves every problem

Many motorists get into their car and already have anxiety, because they are afraid that it will not leave for any reason.

It can happen, for example, if the car is dated, or if it hasn’t been recently checked or even if the climatic conditions are not at all simple, for example if it is very cold or even there is ice or snow.

But there is a trick that not many know, absolutely practical simple and fast as well as effective that lends itself very well to giving tranquility and serenity. Here’s what we’re talking about.

We generally use the high beams to light the road way deep and have a great view while driving. They can even save your life when you are in the suburbs or in the dark streets and beyond. Even in the morning when the car without turning on the high beams it might not even start.


How and when to turn on the high beams, even when stationary

The use of high beams is mandatory, must be activated to signal their presence to other users or to report particular dangers, but not only, because they can also be used to start the machine safely in some very specific circumstances.

When outside temperatures are extreme, before starting the engine of the car, the high beams must be activated for three or five seconds. This is especially true for those who live in areas where temperatures often drop below 10 degrees.

The high beams are turned on for do not put the engine under stress e immediately because otherwise the starter motor or the battery could be irreparably damaged.

Switching on the high beams is used to slowly activate the current and the starting system safely, without damage of any kind.

Indeed due to the cold temperatures in the starting system of the car there is not the right tension, so the car has a hard time starting normally. You have to remember to do it every time the temperatures drop a lot especially if the car is old and already has its problems. It takes very little to stay on foot.