Never place the car remote control on the seat, the motif will amaze you

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Many of us have the remote control of the vehicle alarm on the same key ring as the car keys or even the house keys.

Never place the remote control on the seat
Never rest the remote control on the seat – Motori.News

This thing unites us all, because in fact it is quite comfortable and practical. Just take a single set of keys, to have all the useful keys available without having to rummage through your bag or start a desperate search.

Unfortunately, this is a clearly wrong habit for various reasons, which we are now going to explain, in the hope that those involved can change their minds and do something to keep themselves safe.

Because keeping your car remote here is wrong

The first reason why the car remote and keys should be separated is as follows: in case you lose your car keysyou would also risk losing the remote control and therefore not being able to access the vehicle in which the spare key could be located.

Among other things, this would become a serious problem at 360°. As for those who separate the car keys, from the alarm remote control, they often keep the remote control next to them and therefore placed on the car seat. Risking forgetting it.

But beware, carefully evaluating, it may happen that you stop at the traffic light, someone tries to take him away. On the other hand, just insert your hand inside the passenger compartment taking advantage of the open or half-open window and that’s it.

Without considering the fact that by placing it on an envelope or a bag, it could be accidentally pulled away, running the risk of losing it. In reality, the car alarm remote control should be kept in your trouser pocket so that it is always available.

Here’s when the remote might come in handy and where it would be best to keep it

For example if the thieves were able to take possession of the car before our eyes, simply by pressing the burglar alarm button it would be possible to block them orwherever they are. The remote control has a button that blocks the engine immediately. The thieves in this case would be forced to leave the vehicle and flee.

A rather valid and interesting function, however, like everything it has disadvantages from which it is better to keep away. The intelligent system allows you to repossess the car in the event of theft but care must be taken not to press it for fun when it’s not needed, i.e. for fun, as a joke or to pass time.

This is because if the machine were to block, suddenly, the intervention of a professional may be necessary. Obviously in this case the expense would be high, as well as useless.