Faced with this signal, everyone is wrong: you risk big if you see it

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Every road sign must be respected, whether you are driving a motor vehicle or a bicycle or even on foot.

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The highway code does not admit ignorance and disinformation, it makes no difference let alone discounts.

Everyone is called to respect road signs, wherever they are. If not you risk getting hefty fines, as well as the deduction of points from the license and much more.

Road signs, that’s why risking is not worth it

The consequences for those who do not respect the highway code can be very serious and obviously vary according to the type of infringement committed, one can even speak of the withdrawal of the license or its suspension or seizure of the car.

As strange as it may seem, even cyclists are called to respect the highway code and all its signs. Article 38 of the Highway Code, paragraph 2 says that all road users are called to comply with the prescriptions and to update themselves periodically in order not to make mistakes.

Signals are valid and mandatory on all roads, even in areas open to the public. The vertical ones are divided into prescription, indication and danger and require all drivers to behave cautiously and respect the limits.

The horizontal signals, on the other hand, are divided into longitudinal ones, directional, transversal, pedestrian crossings or cycle paths, they can even indicate reserved parking, restricted traffic areas, or the stop of public transport vehicles.

Here’s a sign many don’t recognize, what it indicates, and why it’s important to recognize it

The complementary signs highlight some stretches of road on which there are, for example, particular curves, dangerous, hairpin bends, with poor visibility or with obstacles on the roadway.

There are some road signs that motorists rarely see, for example in small villages. In big cities the signal referred to it is often encountered because it indicates something that really matters.

We are talking about the signal shown in the image, which indicates the presence of a bus station, or rather the station where public transport stops and therefore where tickets can be bought for travel for long or short distances.

Then there are many others, equally important, that we sometimes cross but we really have no idea what they might mean. Unfortunately misinformation can cause quite serious harm, that’s why it is advisable to update and take a look at the highway code.

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