Nissan Max-Out Convertible Concept Comes To Life For Nissan Futures Event

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This month, Nissan will talk about the future in a series of events called Nissan Futures. While the name may not be very imaginative, the Max-Out concept car that was created to grab the program’s attention was quite the opposite. And if you’re in the vicinity of Nissan’s global headquarters in Japan for the next 30 days, you can stop by to take a look.

Or, you can see it from all angles in our photo gallery below. Don’t worry if you’re familiar with the convertible’s swoopy shape and grid-like green lines. The Max-Out concept is actually debuting in November 2021 as one of four “out” concept cars. Back then, we talked about the concepts of Chill-Out, Surf-Out, and Hang-Out, but sadly, those were just digital creations with no real-world presence.

For reasons not stated in Nissan’s press release, the Max-Out is pulled from the computer to real life in the full-size convertible seen here. Considering it looks like something you’d see in one Tron film, there is a bit of irony to all of this.

In making the jump from binary code to physical form, the concept of Max-Out gains several things. Immediately noticeable are the wheels, which now have a spherical 3D pattern that can be hypnotizing if you stare at it too long. We’re also getting more blue neon to mix with the green neon, making the concept look even more similar Tron addition. The interior also offers more detail, featuring a wide digital display capable of multitasking. Judging from the graphic on the left side of the screen, one of the tasks turns out to be monitoring the status of wormholes in outer space.

Nissan Max-Out Convertible concept
Nissan Max-Out Convertible concept

We’re a bit of a joke, partly because Max-Out is fair out there compared to the latest concepts from other brands related to the future of the automotive. For the record, Nissan did not provide any powertrain or performance information and as such, it is possible that this is just a mock-up with nothing to hide. It also doesn’t mention any components on this car that might enter production, let alone all of them. We don’t even get a hint of the “future design language” we hear so much from automakers.

That said, it’s nice to see a concept that foreshadows a future where two-seater sports cars without a roof and steering wheel still exist.

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