Not even the most expert know him, with this signal everyone is wrong: €868 fine

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Unfortunately, not all motorists know road signs as they should, which is particularly serious because it is dangerous.

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Due to misinformation and ignorance accidents often occur with dramatic and fatal outcomes, the consequences for those who caused them are endless and heavy.

For example, there are those who do not respect the speed limits, those who do not stop at intersections with the obligation to give way, those who overtake even where they could not, for example near curves or in the presence of continuous double lines. In short, there are many transgressions, just like the transgressors.

This is what is the signal that nobody or almost nobody respects

At the stop sign there is someone who does not stop for disinformation, just as there is also someone else who instead decides to cross the transversal stop strip regardless, without having carefully checked that no one comes from right and left.

The stop sign was typically located near dangerous intersections, where a moving glance may not suffice. Failure to observe the obligation not only reserves hefty fines because the highway code is not respected, but also far more serious consequences that have to do with the withdrawal or suspension of the document.

What article 145 of the Highway Code says

The subject is dealt with in article 145 of the Highway Code according to which, those who do not stop at the stop sign risk getting a fine ranging from 162 euros to 651 euros. Be careful because if you commit the transgression at night, the penalties increase.

Anyone who does not respect the road sign and therefore commits the offense at night between 10 pm and 7 am, risks a fine ranging from 217 euros to 868 euros. Furthermore, since the points driving license system entered into force in Italy, nnot only the economic sanction is risked, but also the deduction of 6 points from the license.

If you are a repeat offender, the document is suspended for 1 to 3 months. Occupying the intersection without first stopping to check means risking an accident.

If an accident should occur, who is to blame and therefore who has not respected the stop sign, he is ordered to pay damages to all those involved.

To conclude, it is good to know that there is no possibility of concurring at fault, especially not if many offenses are committed such as speeding, failure to comply with the stop sign and so on.

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