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Scratches on the windshield never fail, they are the first cause of despair for motorists who really have no idea how to fix it to keep costs down and get their car like new again.

Scratches on the windshield
Scratches on the windshield – Motori.News

Effectively only one scratch on the windshield indicates so much money to go out to carry out the repair or even worse because in some cases the replacement is necessary directly.

The more time you spend repairing your car glass, the more you risk seeing it shatter and being forced to replace it. This expense is obviously out of control because the cost is high and unfortunately not everyone can afford to face it.

Here is the alternative solution to asking for help from a professional

In reality, it is not always necessary to ask for help to a professional to repair or replace the windshield, because there are do-it-yourself remedies that allow you to solve the problem of scratches and cracks on the windshield simply, quickly and cheaply directly at home.

To try to do this, you have to use tools that everyone already has at home. For this reason the expense is negligible. The first thing to do is take a clean cloth to remove dirt on the windshield, wash it well and dry it.

Then take a new clean cloth and wipe it with a little warm water. At this point another dry cloth is used on which a small amount of toothpaste is passed. The right amount must be at most a little finger nail.

As for the type of toothpaste, it is advisable to use white toothpaste and not gel toothpaste because gel toothpaste does not have sodium bicarbonate, so it does not work as it should and you risk getting a flop.

Toothpaste on the scratch works wonders, here’s how to tell if it worked

Once squeezed on the soft cloth, it is applied to the scratched part of the windshield and that’s it. The maneuver, to be functional and correct, must be repeated for about 30 seconds making slow and delicate circular movements.

After applying the toothpaste, we move on to the check which is then a very simple check that lasts a few seconds. Just look at the windshield from all sides and run your finger over it, if the toothpaste has done its job, the scratch should no longer exist. Otherwise unfortunately it could there is no other solution than to contact the proper authorities.

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