They do it even with the engine off

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A decree law of a few years ago expressly forbids carrying out a certain move while driving your own car. And this is true, in some cases, even with the engine off. There are many who have doubts about the matter. In this article we will try to clarify everything. But what are we talking about? Here’s everything you need to know to avoid infringement. The fines are very high. So be very careful next time. Here are all the details about it.

Carpet checks
Carpet checks – Motori.News

Receive one fine it is always an unfortunate fact. It can cause moments of discouragement in anyone who has become the protagonist of an infringement. Many times, in fact, it can happen to make an error due to a trivial matter of inattention. Other times, however, it is right there lack of knowledge of a particular rule to make us fall into error.

Knowing every detail of the Highway Code in the best possible way is therefore essential. In this way you will avoid any problems and you will risk as little as possible of running into involuntary fines. Furthermore, our invitation is always to pay close attention to everything when you are behind the wheel of your car.

Inattention and lack of knowledge of the highway code, in fact, run the risk of weighing heavily on your safety and that of other users present at that particular moment on the street.

In recent times more and more people are being notified of heavy administrative fines for a particular aspect and, apparently, absolutely allowed. In fact, it hasn’t been like this for several years now.

What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about this story. From today on you will never do it again and you will never risk the safety of the passengers in your car again. Let’s find out all the details.

Very heavy fine if you commit this gesture: this is what you must always pay attention to

There are many people who wonder if it is always allowed smoke inside your vehicle. This move, although not recommended from a purely health point of view, is allowed if you are on board alone. Smoking alone inside the car is therefore not prohibited by the Highway Code.

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Smoking in the car: let’s see when it’s allowed and when it’s not. Be careful, the fines are very high – Motori.News

This move, however, it is absolutely not recommended, not only for a matter of health, but also due to the fact that the user will be able to drive less carefully than usual. As mentioned, however, you will not have to pay any fine in case of lighting a cigarette alone.

However, things change if there are minors or pregnant women on board your car. It is not the Highway Code that prohibits the lighting of the cigarette in these cases, but a law decreethat number 6 of 12 January 2016.

The standard is active both with the engine running and with the engine off. So it’s not a road ban. It assumes only the protection of the health of minors and pregnant women. In addition to the driver, the other passengers on board will not be able to smoke in this circumstance.

Carpet fines – Motori.News

How much is the fine? It goes from a minimum of 27 euros up to a maximum of 280 euros. However, things get worse if a child under 12 or a woman about to give birth is present on board the car. Then, fines can even reach 500 euros. You will not even have the possibility of obtaining a discount on the fine, in the case of payment within 5 days, as is the case with normal road fines.

Furthermore, as we have said, those who smoke in the car alone will not be liable to a fine. But that isn’t always true. Indeed, if you are alone with the car turned off in the parking lot of a hospital, for example, a particularly careful officer could fine you from 27 to 280 euros. In some environments – including the areas in front of the hospital – it is, in fact, expressly forbidden to smoke. Watch out for this thing, very few know it.