if you don’t hurry, you risk a fine of 420 euros

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Respecting the highway code is mandatory and essential for everyone to be able to circulate in peace and safety. Even car tires must meet the criteria established by law, even if not many people know it and often underestimate everything.

Car tyres, initials required
Car tyres, initials required – Motori.News

For respect the highway code you must follow the instructions written in the vehicle registration document and compare them with the codes marked on the tyre.

Every car, indeed every vehicle, needs a certain type of car tyres, because in particular conditions there is a risk that they will not be able to respond correctly to braking or sudden changes in direction.

How to choose car tyres

The lowering or raising of temperatures also influences the adhesion of car tires to the asphalt. In fact, during the cold season it is necessary fit soft compound tires with suitable tread to rain, ice and snow.

On the other hand, during the warmer months, therefore in spring and summer, hard compound tires are indispensable, with a much less rough tread. These car tires also perform very well when temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

Car tires for winter are designed precisely to deal without problems with particularly risky situations, slippery or slippery terrain and so on. Wrong tires not only wear out quicklybut risk inadequate response and very poor performance.

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What does the highway code say about car tyres

From 15 October until 15 November all motorists in Italy must provide for replace summer tyres with the winter ones in order not to risk very high fines. Furthermore, there is an obligation to use chains which must always be on board the vehicle.

On winter tires there are some codes, M and S, which indicate Mud and Snow tires suitable for driving on mud and snow.

Then on all of them there is also the speed code, which in the same way is indicated with one or two letters and it represents the permitted limit beyond which it is better not to go because the tire may not be suitable.

If you don’t fit the correct car tires and you don’t respect the limits imposed by the highway code, you risk getting caught a fine of 419 euros and more. There is even the risk of the vehicle registration certificate being withdrawn with the obligation to inspect the vehicle which must be carried out at a provincial motor vehicle office as soon as the correct tires have been fitted.

Attention because the tire change it must not be carried out only in the periods indicated, but on the basis of wear and tear of the same for safety reasons.