Baking soda, add glue and fill all the scratches on the car – crazy result

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Very often it happens that some areas of the car body are scratched completely involuntarily. Some small rear-end collisions, opening the door against a wall or other inconveniences, in fact, can cause the formation of various scratches on the bodywork. There are so many cheap ways to fix the situation, without having to go to the repair shop. One of these involves the use of baking soda and extra strong glue. Let’s find out all the details about this amazing DIY hack.

Baking soda and glue
Baking soda and glue – Motori.News

THE car scratches they are, unfortunately, often present on the bodywork of most cars on the road. Using motorized vehicles – especially in heavy city traffic and in the chaotic parking lots of shopping centers – makes it difficult for them to always remain intact, as in the exact moment of purchase.

As with all things, in fact, use implies wear and tear and risks of all kinds. But it is something absolutely normal. It becomes impossible – to put it mildly – ​​to drive your car inside an impassable glass case! A few small scratches on the bodywork, therefore, must be absolutely taken into account.

Scratches on the car body can be of various sizes and depths. This last element is the one that needs to be analyzed the most, in order to understand how to move. Indeed, do-it-yourself scratch repair solutions can only be done if the scratches are minor and not too deep.

For all other cases, in fact, it is essential to go to a specialized workshop. The body repairers will be able to solve the problem and make the bodywork of your damaged or badly scratched car look like new again.

Obviously, the cost of these operations will be quite high. But if there are only spots and small scratches on your bodywork, then there are practical, simple and also very cheap DIY solutions.

Let’s find out how glue and a product like baking soda can be of great help in solving the problem of scratches on your car. Here are all the details on this topic that – we are sure – you will be passionate about.

Glue and baking soda: in this way you solve the problem of scratches on the bodywork. Here are the details

A practical and economical solution involves the use of toothpaste, since this product contains elements capable of acting optimally in the repair. With circular and not too intense movements, using a microfibre cloth, it will be possible to obtain brilliant results, following the complete drying of the affected area. But this solution is valid only for very small scratches, paying particular attention not to damage the bodywork. Let’s find out the method that is the subject of our article. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Car scratches
Scratches on the bodywork, here’s how to best use bicarbonate and glue to solve all the problems in this sense – Motori.News

Before proceeding with the scratch removal operations, it will always be advisable to clean the affected area as thoroughly as possible. In this way, the scratches will be made more evident and the risk of damaging the car body will be avoided.

At this point you can fill the small scratches on the car with a product that is easily found at home. We refer to bicarbonate. Using a small syringe, you can insert the bicarbonate inside it and “shoot” it on the area affected by the scratch.

Once you have done that, it will be appropriate take extra strong glue and spread it on the scribe with baking soda. At this point, put more baking soda on the area after using the glue.

Using paint of the same color as the bodywork, you can carry out the do-it-yourself painting operation and make small scratches totally invisible. There are specific spray paints on the market that will come to your rescue.

Car scratches method
Car scratches: here’s how to solve the problem – Motori.News

As obvious as it is, this method does not promise miracles. In the presence of very small scratched areas, However, it could prove to be very useful indeed.

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