here’s how much it will cost in a few days

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The price of petrol will be destined to rise further: a shocking sting is expected. Here’s how much it will cost in a few days.

Gasoline price
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Eni and Tamoil have increased the national average price of petrol at the pump. The price of fuel is set to rise further. With the failure to extend the cut in excise duties, the price of petrol has increased since New Year’s Eve: it is the MISE price observatory to confirm it. The price of diesel has risen to almost 1.9 euros per liter with self service, while the price is over two euros for served. The price of petrol has increased to 1.8 euros per liter for the self-service mode and over 1.9 euros per liter for served. LPG is equal to 0.78 euros per liter for the served.

Fuel leak on the highway

On the highway fuel prices have risen even more: the price of self-service petrol is equal to 1.9 euros per liter and equal to 2.1 euros per liter for served. The price of diesel at self-service is 1.95 euros per liter and 2.2 euros per liter. The price of fuel continues to rise despite the Government having launched the decree on expensive fuel.

Fuel price sting: fraud and evasion

During the month of January the Finance Guard performed over 5,000 checks on the transparency of petrol and fuel prices. Almost three thousand violations have been reported, of which over two thousand concern violations relating to communication obligations.

THE controls of the yellow flames have ascertained the presence of phenomena of fraud and of VAT evasion and excise duties. The direct consequence was the distorting effects of competition. There are many violations that have been found in terms of fuel price quotations. In the face of the many complaints made by Codacons, it is essential to guarantee users greater price transparency.

It is necessary

“increase the penalties for incorrect petrol stations because those currently in force tickle the managers and do not represent an adequate deterrent”,

underlines the President of the Fiamme Gialle Rienzi.

The price of fuel will increase further: that’s when

Sunday 5 February will be the date on which further increases in fuel prices could occur. It will be there from February 5th the oil embargo from Russia, which will also be extended to refining products, including diesel and diesel. In recent weeks we have seen a build-up in petrol storage: stocks will act as a “buffer” and prevent further price increases.

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