with less than €5 they are like new again

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Windscreen wipers are a fundamental vehicle accessory, because they allow you to clean the windscreen in an optimal way, activating them simply by pulling a lever.

Graphite on the wipers
Graphite on windshield wipers – Motori.News

Thanks to the windshield wipers you can have it always under control all the way and a totally unobstructed view, even in difficult weather conditions.

Taking care of the machine in all its parts is essential if you want to travel safely without putting yourself and others at risk. So it’s better to inquire to respect the timing and the cleaning methods if you don’t want to make mistakes.

Cleaning your car is important, here’s why

First, the insides need to be cleaned. then the seats, the air conditioning system, the upholstery. Getting someone into the car while the vehicle is dirty looks bad, but be careful because you risk worse, for example health problems especially if you suffer from allergies.

In the same way, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the doors, the drawers including the glovebox because even if it is closed inside somehow, dust always enters and slowly accumulates.

Then it’s on to the exterior, then cleaning the windshield wipers, wheels, windshield and headlights. In particular, it must be said that the plastic of the headlights must be treated with extreme care because otherwise it becomes opaque over time and does not allow light to pass through it, which it means that the car drives in the dark.

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Cleaning the wipers, if you use graphite you save 25 euros

As for the interior just wash them with hair shampoo diluted in water, which eliminates any type of stain and dirt, even encrusted, deep down. Instead, tea bags can be used to eliminate bad smells, as well as coffee beans.

The ventilation system must be cleaned well before turning on the air conditioning, perhaps using a toothbrush that allows you to reach the most difficult points. We also recommend using water and detergent to clean the seats, especially if in leather.

Finally, to clean the windshield wipers and to ensure that they always work perfectly while safeguarding the rubber, graphite can be used. As strange as it may seem, the black carbon makes the wipers look like they were just bought. The rubber with a little bit of graphite becomes very soft.

It costs only €5, so it saves a good 25 euros, given that the wipers are new they cost around 30 euros.