€200 petrol bonus, here’s how to get it until March 2023: apply now

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Here is the new 200 euro petrol bonus for 2023: you can request it until March, we will immediately explain how to do it

Gasoline bonus
Petrol bonus – Motori.News

The Meloni government has confirmed and extended the petrol bonus of 200 euros at least until March 2023. The Transparency decree regarding fuel contains several interesting innovations, including the decision to extend the bonus for at least another two months.

L’amount of 200 euros it is reserved for employees by requesting it directly from their employer who can decide whether or not to grant it. This bonus it does not contribute to the formation of incometherefore it is considered tax-free and allows companies to particularly facilitate the movements of employees who live at a greater distance from the headquarters.

It should be specified that the bonus is not received in the form of a checkcash or bank transfer but it will appear directly on the pay slip as a sort of implicit discount which can then be used at the stations where you refuel.

Petrol bonus 200 euros: how it works, how to request it and who it belongs to

The petrol bonus of 200 euros as mentioned, it can be requested directly from one’s employer by private employees who use a vehicle to reach the company headquarters. The amount cannot therefore naturally be granted to those who work in smart working.

The employer, we also specify this, is not obliged to grant the contribution but it can evaluate case by case, perhaps facilitating people who find themselves traveling more kilometers every day to reach the offices in the event that it is not possible to grant it to all employees.

Petrol filling station
Petrol filling station – Motori.news

Once requested and obtained, the petrol bonus of 200 euros takes the form of a paycheck as a real tax deduction. So don’t expect an increased bank transfer but a tax-free voucher that is convenient for everyone, both the employee and the employer.

This is because we speak of one discount on IRPEF to be paid annually to the state and for this reason the employee must not present any application, but only make a request to his employer.

Definitely a big help at a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing againespecially after the government’s decision not to renew the discount on excise duties which in recent months had somewhat limited the increases due to the difficult international situation.

Many want one return of these discounts soon: in the meantime, however, the Transparency decree aims to find and punish any speculation. This is why it was imposed on filling stations the display of the national average price per litre both petrol and diesel, as well as stringent checks by the police.

Petrol bonus 200 euros 2023
Petrol bonus 200 euros 2023 – Motori.news

However, a decision that has not failed to spark controversy and strikes in a situation in which, the only certainty, the ones who pay more are the motorists who use their car every day to go to work or do their daily chores.