Car headlights, crazy: all you need is half a lemon and 30 seconds

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Dirty car headlights can be a serious problem: here’s how you can solve it with…lemon juice

Car headlights
Car headlights –

Over time, especially if we don’t have the habit or the time to take the car to the car wash, it may happen that the headlights of our car end up being terribly dirty.

In addition to being an annoying aesthetic issue, which can perhaps ruin the front of even the most sophisticated design cars, it also becomes a safety talk. Of the very dirty headlights can compromise the light beam emitted by the dipped and high beams not allowing us to be visible as we should, especially in conditions of low light or visibility.

So it goes without saying that having very dirty headlights also carries the risk of being liable to an administrative fine, perhaps taken by a little too zealous policemen, but which is still one of the violations foreseen by the Highway Code. Put simply, you have to arm yourself with patience and at least start cleaning the headlights if you really don’t have the time to do it with the whole car. So how can we do? We suggest this solution which concerns half a lemon and more.

How to use lemon juice to clean and shine car windows

If you don’t want to spend money on detergents that you fear are too aggressive, you can help yourself with what nature has to offer: a simple lemon. The juice of this extraordinary citrus fruit is not only excellent for flavoring food, but it can also be of fundamental help for this important cleaning operation.

Car headlight cleaning
Car headlight cleaning –

How to do? We first immerse our sponge in a bucket of water and a little detergent in order to give it a fresh look first pass to the lighthouse. After that we can pour some lemon juice in a nebulizer and thus spray on the surface of the product and wipe again first with a sponge and then with a cloth.

We repeat the same operation one more time this time using even more lemon juice. It doesn’t end here: to embellish the work we take some lemon zest, grate it and add a little coconut oil and baking soda to the mixture.

lemon juice
lemon juice –

It will create some sort of cream that we are going to spread all over our headlight by first wiping everything again with a clean cloth and then drying with a little paper towel. The result will surprise you: the lighthouse will shine like it never has before, except when you had just taken the car out of the dealership. A fast, easy and cheap method that will allow you to overcome this annoying problem.

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