Everyone thinks the opposite but a full tank of petrol should never be done: why will amaze you

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Filling up with petrol over the last few years has become the biggest nightmare of all motorists in the world, because fuel has reached very high costs that not everyone can afford to bear.

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Precisely for this reason many people choose to travel on public transport rather than on private transport, to go to work or to go to school, making do with buses, trains and so on, despite being aware that they are not 100% reliable.

Then there are also those who, in order not to give up the convenience of their own vehicles, choose to refuel with gras or almost, with illegal tricks, risking being caught and having to pay much more expensive consequences and serious.

In reality, it would be enough to get well informed to discover that there are methods that allow the use of private vehicles for any type of short or long journey, whether it is, saving petrol and more.

What is the wrong habit that unites all, or almost all, motorists

Any user also tries to go the extra mile to get to the weekend without going to refuel, touching the reserve and risking being left on foot at any moment.

All this despite the fact that many mechanics and professionals say that this practice is unhinged and should be avoided because damages the vehicle.

Even if the fuel, of any kind, is filtered inside rust or metal particles remain, which go to the bottom of the tank with the risk of clogging the filters.

Although the price of fuel at a petrol pump is convenient rather than in another it is advisable not to fill up with petrol, but to fill the tank to three quarters and no more.

The reason is not only one, but more than one. Meanwhile, the fuel ages, so even if it is kept in the tank for three months, without using the car, it loses its density and its vapor therefore remains an almost empty liquid. The only thing to do is keep an eye on the dashboard avoiding touching the reserve and likewise avoiding refueling unnecessarily.

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What is the best advice that can be given to any motorist

The only thing to do in order not to make mistakes, is download an application, which can be for example the Google Maps. This kind of applications indicates the service stations close to where you are.

The app indicates not only the location of the supplies, but also the sale prices of any type of fuel. Consequently, not only do you not run the risk of being stranded wherever you are but you also have the opportunity to save significantly on the final prices.