Lamborghini Is Leaving More Modern Classics Out Of The Way, Vintage Recreations

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If you want Lamborghini to release and produce a modern Aventador-based follow-up to the Countach, then you probably won’t like this news. Speak to at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona last weekend, Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Reuven Mohr indicated that the company is very focused on its future.

“We as a brand, now and in the past, are not very retro oriented.” Mohr said. “I’m pretty sure there will be a market for [retro revivals], but not in accordance with our corporate strategy. We always make this comparison: the rearview mirror in a car is smaller than the windshield. The Countach is a special example of celebrating a particular car.”

Mohr went on to explain that Lamborghini’s ethos demands something more than an evolutionary approach to the company’s new products. “We always try to change the design language a little bit,” he says.

At the same time, Mohr ruled out legacy series or restomods, such as Jaguar’s Classic Continuations or Singer’s high-value 911, though again, not for a lack of demand.

“I really believe that we will bring [a continuation or restomod] there will be a lot of interest from customers,” Mohr confirmed before dropping dreams of a new Miura by adding, “But that is not our philosophy.”

In reality, according to Mohr, Lamborghini had a loyal following of classic models and limited bandwidth for engineering and production. Talking about the previous point, Mohr said, “We don’t want to sacrifice our classic cars because the owners have this kind of art and we don’t want to create some kind of parallel track.”

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

And on the last point, he went on to add that “We are a small company and I prefer to invest in the future [rather] than the past.”

That future, as we reported yesterday, will include a fourth “user-focused” model line that will also be Lamborghini’s first electric vehicle. The company is also preparing a plug-in Urus and will launch a replacement for its flagship Aventador which will feature a plug-in-hybrid V12.

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