Bicycle, €3,827 fine if you get caught like this: everyone always does it

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Many people in Italy, especially in the North, travel by bike, especially in this period for economic reasons, to try to save fuel as much as possible.

3827 euros to pay if you go by bike
3827 euros to pay if you go by bike –

Then there are also those who simply do it for sport or to relax when they have some free time. Which is absolutely good because a ride has many advantages and no disadvantages.

In any case, we all think that going around by pedaling means having the possibility and the right to do what you want, without problems, without inconvenience, without limits. In reality, the highway code imposes rules that even cyclists are called to respect, for reasons of public order, discipline and safety.

The rules of the highway code apply to everyone, even to bikes

Whether you have a traditional bike or an electric one, which continues to spread like wildfire, before going around the road it would be good to find out about the legislation because there are limits and rules we all need to know.

For example, red traffic lights also apply to cyclists, the same thing applies to priority obligations, to respecting one-way traffic and finally to speed limits. Remember that for bicycles, even in the absence of signs on secondary extra-urban roads, the speed limit to be respected is 90 km/h.

In built-up areas at 50 km per hour they can become 70 km/h only if special signs are installed. Anyone who rides an electric bike must respect these limits carefully and scrupulously so as not to put themselves or others at risk.

What all cyclists need to know, what are the consequences in the event of infringements of this kind

In case you were to be caught committing such an offense, the fine ranges from €40 to €168 if the limit of 10 km/h is exceeded, and from €527 to €2,108 if the limit is exceeded from 40 to 60 km/h. While if you exceed the speed limit by more than 60 km/h, the fine ranges from €861 to €3,827. A substantial and dangerous figure for any user.

Obviously, the deduction of points from the license is not foreseenor the suspension of the document as happens for those who drive vehicles on motorbikes since it is not necessary to obtain it to ride a bike.

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