License plate trick, find out who owns it and where he lives

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There is a trick that allows you to find out who owns a car by checking the license plate, which as we all know is mandatory on any vehicle and which is issued by the motorization to associate an owner with that specific motor vehicle.

license plate trick
license plate trick

To find out whose car is left parked for days, months or even years in the parking lot of the house, you need to request a search from the Pra.

You can do it in the event of a dispute, because this technique is the only one that allows you to find the owner of the car, without much inconvenience.

This is when it can be useful to trace the owner of a vehicle

It may happen that you need to trace the owner of the vehicle, for example if you have an accident and the motorist who caused it flees. In this case the only thing left to do is try to get the license plate number and write down any clues that may be valuable in identifying him.

In all of this there is nothing illegal, because the license plate number is public information, in the same way the owner and his identity are not secrets. You just have to ask to those responsible for respecting privacy.

Obviously the procedure is not immediate and it is not absolutely simple. Here’s what to do and what to avoid if you don’t want to have serious problems and consequences.

How to trace the identity of the car owner starting from the license plate or a clue

Those who think they can solve the problem by going on the internet or through some new application for all smartphones are wrong, because there is no free legal way to do it.

Many sites offer quick solutions to any problem so they allow you to start your search in seconds, promising who knows what results without knowing that bitter scams could actually be hidden behind them.

For this reason it is better not to provide any personal data or banking information to anyone and simply contact those authorized, for example to the police or the PRA.

To request the registration certificate, you need to specify which vehicle is in question and then indicate the number plate you own. Of course, the service is paid, €6 is required for the names and license plate registration and €25.62 for the names. Timing varies especially if difficulties of any kind are encountered.

In some cases it may be useful to provide any additional detail such as the color of the machine, for example.