Tea bag in the door, if you put it every day this happens: crazy

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A tea bag kept in the car door can come in handy for something in particular that no one could ever expect.

Tea bag in the counter
Tea bag in the Motori.news counter

It is about purifying the environment in a fairly simple way, without spending a single cent and without problems of any kind.

The tea bag dipped in cold water and pressed on the areas of the body affected by infections or irritations gives incredible results, because it is anti-inflammatory so it reduces both swelling, redness, irritation, itching or sun spots.

In the same way it can be used to eliminate bad smells inside shoes or the smell inside the fridge, to wash the dishes, to degrease, to repel insects or to purify the car.

A tea bag can take the place of perfumers, here’s how it works

In this case the only thing that can be done is to put the used tea bag inside a bag and then place it inside the castle, the glove compartment or inside the car door in such a way as to absorb bad smells and eliminate them, giving the car a very good fresh and clean smell.

On the other hand, why buy car perfumers, which have a limited cost, when you can get the same result simply using a tea bag of very few cents?

This remedy is useful for everyone, especially for those who like to drink tea several times a day and therefore consume it in large quantities. These motorists certainly won’t have any problemsto find some tea bags to put in the drawer of the machine and replace them every day.


How to use the tea bag to only benefit from it

How long a bag of tea can be miraculous, it must be changed periodically, because otherwise there is a risk that the effects vanish into thin air and therefore it does not work at all. The freshly used tea bag works wonders and makes sure that the spot is in a position to welcome anyone you meet on the street and to whom you want to give a lift without feeling in difficulty.

In the same way it solves the problem that everyone who often travels by car faces: lingering bad smells caused by the air conditioning. In this case obviously the tea bag solves the problem temporarily but not permanently.

The car itself needs to be washed and cared for properly. So at least once or twice a month it should be taken to the car wash to be 100% sanitized and purified. The tea bag is an extra help but it does not replace ordinary cleaning.

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