Lemon and chilli, because they stick them all to the car: absurd

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Anyone who owns a car often has the desire to personalize it with objects, stickers or products of various kinds. Often it is a pure aesthetic question. Other times, however, the choice goes towards more concrete reasons. But why in the last period is it easy to come across people who “beautify” their car with pepper or lemon? Let’s find out all the details about this somewhat bizarre custom. Here’s what you need to know.

Lemon and chilli
Lemon and chilli -Motori.news

The car they are not just vehicles used for transport and daily movement. In fact, many people spend several hours of their day inside the car. Therefore, making it more welcoming could be considered a normal choice.

Some decorate their car with puppets, teddy bears, stickers and much more. Recently, for example, there is the custom of attaching some stickers to the rear glass. They can inform about the names of the people on board and about many other nice details.

Other times, however, some objects considered anomalous for the car can, however, prove to be very useful to solve problems in different situations.

Hanging a lemon in your car can be considered strange. But, in reality, that’s not quite the case. In fact, it can happen that you suffer from car sickness. Taking a few drops of lemon juice, if needed, can really be important to combat nausea.

But hanging the lemon can also be considered something purely aesthetic. In fact, some people hang this product outside the car – near the number plate or on the rear window – or inside it. But do you know that it’s not the only “ingredient” that can be found sometimes? Let’s find out the reason for the presence of chilli. Here are all the details about it.

Chilli in the car? Here is the real reason for its presence

Many people hang perfumed air fresheners in their cars – such as Arbre Magique – to remove or cover some unpleasant odors present in the passenger compartment. Natural ingredients, such as vinegar, lemon (also mentioned earlier), ginger and essential oil serve the same purpose. A temporary solution, waiting to take the car to a car wash, in order to make it cleaner.

Chili pepper
The chilli can be hung in the car. Let’s find out the reasons – Motori.News

But these ingredients, in some cases, can also be hung in the car without a really concrete purpose. Very often we notice that there are quite strange objects or products inside or outside cars. We’ll see below why some people hang chili on their car.

In some cases, it may be placed inside the passenger compartment. Other times, however, the pepper can also be located in other specific areas of it. For example, near the license plate – without ever covering it (it would be a crime) – or on one side of the rear window. A mere aesthetic choice?

Choosing chilli pepper does not include any aesthetic reason or reason linked to a concrete improvement of some aspect of your car. Indeed, some people hang the chilli for a pure and simple matter related to superstition.

Popular beliefs and superstition sometimes influence our choices. Even those who are averagely cultured, in some cases – for fun and to have a laugh – are led to believe that certain objects can actually influence destiny and be kind towards one.

Hanging chilli peppers in the car, therefore, is “designed” to ward off dangers on the road and to never incur unpleasant accidents. Chili is seen as an amulet. This custom has very ancient origins and still today many use this product for purely superstitious purposes.

In fact, the chilli pepper has a shape very similar to that of the horns of some powerful animals, such as bulls. The cliché about this ingredient that “brings you well” has been handed down over the years and has not undergone the emergence of scientific progress.

Even today, therefore, it is easy to come across chili peppers hanging in the house, in the car or in other places of people’s daily lives. A superstitious choice and, sometimes, even an aesthetic one. An amulet to have a laugh with your friends and family. Don’t go looking for other deeper motivations!

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