Apple, rub it on the windshield – you have no idea what happens next

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We all probably have at least one apple at home because it is one of the best fruits ever, sweet but not too much, in fact it can also be consumed by those with health problems such as diabetes.

Apple on the windshield
Apple on the windshield

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, that’s all true, because it is a fruit that gives many advantages, both to adults and children.

But be careful because nobody knows it and perhaps few could expect it, but rubbing an apple on the car windshield can be more efficient than you think.

What is an apple for in the car

At this point anyone will wonder what’s the use of rubbing an apple on the windshield of the car. The answer may be in some ways unbelievable, but just try it once to notice how difficult it is or even impossible to do without it.

For those who want to tryyou take the apple, cut it in half and rub it all over the windshield covering it completely. The freshly cut apple lets out all the malic acid, which is the secret ingredient.

Once rubbed on the windshield it creates the lotus effect, therefore it tends to repel water. When it rains, rainwater runs off without sticking to the glass, it consequently improves visibility and does not create any difficulty for the motorist while driving.

How to use the apple in the car and why

Obviously the apple rubbed along the windshield does not replace the windshield wipers. Therefore, it is important to underline that if the wipers are worn or broken, they must be replaced. Alternatively, the right maintenance must be carried out without neglecting them.

Traveling with broken, defective or worn windshield wipers is a problem, the consequences may be more important than you think. In fact, due to the reduced visibility, there is a risk of committing serious accidents.

The use of apple and malic acid is therefore only an extra advantage and is not a substitute. Among other things, the apple rubbed on the windshield also facilitates the removal of dirt, for example dead insects on the windshield or debris of any kind.

The same result can be obtained if the apple is rubbed on any other glass, for example on the windows or even at home on the bathroom mirror, where humidity and condensation usually form, especially when taking a shower.

Thanks to the apple, the condensation that forms is less, so fewer water droplets are formed and the glass remains more or less clean. In short, a single apple can be miraculous, seeing is believing.

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