Ferrari thinks of the supercars of the future: big news from 2025

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Ferrari is studying an innovative project for future electric supercars. The Maranello brand will be able to stand out in any case.

Ferrari Daytona SP3
Ferrari Daytona SP3 – Motors.News

Electric cars represent the future of road mobility around the world. New models multiply full electric and diesel and petrol engines are gradually disappearing from the assembly lines and are destined to become extinct starting from 2035. But the big brands of supercars like Ferrari they have to deal with an element that has always distinguished certain cars and given emotions to lovers of four wheels: the sound.

New EVs are nearly silent, and soon the sound of a V8 or V12 powerplant may be just a thing of the past. With governments pushing to ban internal combustion engines, automakers are optimizing the production of battery-powered systems, which are already gaining traction on our roads. After all, in many city centers diesel cars are already banned, while “green” ones are gaining ground, which have little to envy in terms of performance and speed. However the sound it is something that cannot be equalled.

The new Ferrari sound

Ferrari Daytona SP3 (Ansa)
Ferrari Daytona SP3 – Motors.News

It will be a blow to the heart for sports car lovers, but several brands have begun to add sound generators to their electric vehicles, above all to help pedestrians and the blind to warn of their arrival. Also there Ferrari is studying such a solution, as evidenced by a patent filed by the automaker with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The news was given by the specialized site Car Buzz which talks about a patent for a device to amplify the sound of the electric propulsion unit and reproduce it from the rear of the vehicle. A truly innovative system capable of exploiting and amplifying the resonance frequencies of the engine and transmission according to the driving speed. Ferrari knows how important the sound produced by its supercars is for its brand, as explicitly confirmed by the CEO. Benedict Vignaconsidering it one of the “essential elements that characterize a Ferrari”.

Each Ferrari engine has its own distinctive sound and purpose Horse house is that future electric models also have their own specific sound. According to some rumors, Ferrari’s first 100% electric vehicle could be a crossover that should make its debut in 2025, with technologies inherited directly from the world of motor racing. All that remains is to wait.