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In Italy, both young and old motorists can slowly prepare to say goodbye once and for all to the manual gearbox.

Goodbye manual gearbox
Goodbye manual gearbox – Motori.News

As impossible or strange as it may seem, this is exactly what is about to happen. Many motorists who are fond of the manual gearbox will cry, which they have always driven cars with the classic gear system.

Then there will be many others who instead will celebrate because they are already used to driving cars equipped with automatic gearboxes that would not change for anything in the world, because the driving style, it is undeniable, everything is different.

Here’s what’s happening in the automotive industry: the breakthrough is underway

New cars probably won’t have manual transmissions anymore because it’s apparently on the verge of extinction, you decide were some manufacturers who want to carry on and give in to modernity.

For example, in America in 2000, 15% of cars sold had manual transmissions. Since 2020 things have changed. Cars with manual gearbox that a retailer has managed to sell since 2020 are represented by a trivial percentage, 2.4%.

Instead speaking of current affairs, to date electric cars sold in the USA, or 5%, do not have a gearbox. For this reason the Americans will probably not even succeed in understand what we are talking about.

Mercedes Benz decision and what will happen in 2030

Mercedes Benz has announced in the course of these hours that by the end of 2023 it could definitively say goodbye to the manual gearbox. But that’s not all, because by 2030 all other brands will be in rotation they will follow his example, thus definitively signing the extinction of the exchange.

The warning has already arrived, although the defenders of the manual gearbox may continue to fight hard to prevent this from happening, what was to be decided has already been decided. what’s done is done, and ordinary users can’t do anything.

If until yesterday we had the certainty that the manual gearbox is much cheaper both in terms of the purchase of the vehicle and for maintenance, we will have to say stop to its charm and start doing without it soon.

Beyond all this, the most serious thing of all is that we will all have to accept the cultural passage that it will force us to abandon what is a symbol for us to welcome the automatic gearbox and perhaps not even…

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