Acetone in the gas tank, why is everyone putting it? Crazy

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There are many Italians who wonder if there could be ingenious solutions to improve engine performance and, above all, to limit fuel consumption. In fact, given the price increases, it could be really important to get some better results from your car. What can acetone be used for if placed – in the right measure – inside the car tank? Here’s everything you need to know about this interesting topic.

Acetone in the tank
Acetone in the tank – Motori.News

There gas it has increased even more in 2023 than in the last months of the previous year. All this is due to the decision taken by our Government, regarding the stop on the cut of excise duties on the cost per liter of fuel. The cost of petrol and diesel, therefore, has returned to fairly high levels.

Despite some bonuses and concessions prepared by the Government, many Italians are looking for solutions to guarantee savings on petrol and to delay, therefore, the “appointments” at the petrol station as much as possible. Filling up, in fact, has become something really prohibitive for the pockets of many.

Have a smooth driving style, refuel at self-service pumps, moderate speed. These are some solutions to reduce fuel consumption a little. But there are so many others.

In this article we will see why putting acetone inside the petrol tank can be really useful for reducing consumption. There are many illegal tricks thought up by people. We would like to immediately say that this, however, is completely legal. The benefits to your car’s engine will be obvious.

When to put acetone in the tank? What are the right proportions? Here we show you all the correct procedure to follow, in such a way as to never cause damage to the engine of your car.

What is the use of putting acetone into the tank? Here’s the brilliant move

Many people wonder if putting acetone in the tank of their car can be really useful. Moreover, many people do not trust this, believing that such a move can cause much more harm to the engine than good. Doubts are legitimate, but it is important to say that, if the right dosages are respected, the addition of acetone to the petrol can guarantee excellent results under various aspects. How to do it best? Here are the details.

Pure petroleum acetone
Pure acetone in the petrol tank: this is the important function of this product – Motori.News

It will be necessary to use not just any type of acetone, but only the pure one. Therefore, acetone for nail polish remover or normal household acetone is banned for this operation. Pure acetone, therefore, is the only product that will be appropriate to use for this operation.

This product can be found on any online store or in physical DIY stores. Pure acetone will be able to improve engine performance and, consequently, will ensure lower fuel consumption. In fact, it will guarantee perfect cleaning of the injectors, in such a way that the fuel can be channeled to the best possible extent in the combustion process.

Pure acetone also reduces the polluting emissions emitted by the engine. But what dosage will it be essential to make? This is the most important part. If you pour the right amount of pure acetone into the tank, then the engine will benefit. If, on the other hand, you abuse this chemical agent, the damage to the engine could be significant.

Acetone petrol
Acetone in the petrol tank – Motori.News

Industry experts – thanks also to various studies on the subject – have come to the conclusion that the perfect dosage of pure acetone is 24 or 25 milliliters for every ten liters of petrol. This is true for petrol powered engines. Correct measurement is not really within everyone’s reach. We therefore recommend that you get help from someone who knows more than you.

The improvements to the engine will be noticeable and you will be able to travel many more kilometers than before with a full tank of petrol.

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