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The electric scooter is always widespread in cities throughout Italy: you can have the best on the market with a 100 euro discount

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The electric scooter it is a means that between incentives and a bit also for fashion has spread quickly in cities throughout Italy. Perfect for traveling especially in restricted traffic areas, such as the city centre, they allow you to save a lot both on the cost of public transport and, of course, on the price of fuel.

One of the most popular electric scooter models among enthusiasts is now in discount on Amazon with a saving of 100 euros compared to the list price: we are talking about the NIU brand electric scooter capable of offering all the typical characteristics of a high-end vehicle while keeping the price within reach of all budgets.

The NIU electric scooter on offer with a 100 euro discount on Amazon

We are dealing with a scooter equipped with 300W electric motor ratings designed to guarantee you a maximum overall speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a maximum gradient uphill of 15%. There battery is not a concern because it is very roomy with its 365 Wh, with regenerative braking which overall allows you to travel up to 40 kilometres.

Electric scooter motor
The motor of the electric scooter – Motori.news

To offer you first-rate comfort and safety, the scooter is equipped with 10-inch diameter tubeless tires designed to guarantee you an excellent level of cushioning which, combined with the double braking system, allows you to slow down your speed in a safe and stable way. Even under heavy braking.

In fact, we must not forget that this model of electric scooter also includes a drum brake with a volume reduced by 25%which in this sense allows you to always have the performance you need.

Also not to be underestimated is the design which, thanks to the integrated wiring, makes it “clean”, elegant and really beautiful to look at and worthy of much higher-end solutions. Finally, there is the bluetooth connectivity. What is it for? By downloading the specific NIU application you can take a look at the statistics related to driving and speed customization.

Electric scooter on offer
Electric scooter on offer – Motori.news

A trendy, modern, ultra-technological scooter and that you can therefore buy at a super price. We advise you to hurry because at this price it could really be snapped up very soon: you can find it on Amazon with one discount of 100 euros immediately applied to the price list. And with Amazon Prime you have fast and immediate delivery in just a few days.

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