Car key button, hold it for 7 seconds: the unthinkable happens

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New generation car keys operate very differently from those of the past. In fact, they guarantee the opening and closing of the vehicle remotely, or thanks to a text positioned on the handle. It is therefore not necessary to insert these devices inside the lock. But this is not the only function of this key. Let’s discover a surprising detail. This is what happens if you hold down a key button for a few seconds.

Key button
Key button

The keys with system Keyless Go have now invaded the scene and replaced the old keys with manual opening and closing systems. Previously, in fact, it was necessary to insert this device inside the special lock for opening and closing the car. Today, however, just press a remote button and it will be possible to unlock or close the doors.

But not only. Indeed, it will also be possible to keep the keys in your pocket or bag and press the appropriate button on the car door. A technological and innovative solution, which has made it possible to improve everyone’s practicality in this particular aspect.

The key will be possible to keep in your pocket even once you have entered the car. Indeed, it will no longer be necessary to locate the key inside the ignition lock. To start the car or to turn it off, depending on the case, it will be enough press a button located near the steering wheel. This aspect has also improved user comfort as regards the general in-car experience.

But Do you know that if you hold down a button on the car key for a few seconds, something not exactly obvious happens? Let’s find out all the details on this feature that is not always known to everyone.

Press a certain button on your car key – you will be surprised at what happens

In addition to the electronic opening, modern machines allow the user to take advantage of many other functions that can help him in many specific respects. Remaining in the context of keys, many modern car models have a further function, which is very useful especially in a certain period of the year. What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Car window
Car windows: what happens if you press a button on your car key? Here’s what you need to know – Motori.News

Before proceeding with the explanation of the function in question, it will be advisable to read the instruction booklet of your car, if it is present. Indeed, not all models have this move ready. It has the windows of your car as protagonists. What happens if you hold down a button on your car key for about 7 consecutive seconds?

Pressing the car opening button for a few seconds in a row will allow you to take advantage of a very useful function especially in summer and during the hottest months of the year. Indeed, the windows will automatically roll down just before we enter the car. This move won’t waste any time and will ensure greater air circulation inside the car just before we enter.

The same is true when getting out of the car. If we don’t want to waste time rolling down the windows, it’s important to know how they can be closed remotely once you get out of the car. How? Holding down the car lock button for a few seconds. An automatic move, which will allow you to lower and raise the windows without the need to start the engine.

These technological and automatic aspects are simplifying things by far and, moreover, they are allowing everyone to have maximum practicality in every detail. In the summer, therefore, being able to count on this feature will be very important. We are sure that you will immediately check if your car is equipped with this option to lower the windows remotely.

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