Rearview mirror, have you ever noticed this lever? You will always use it

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The use of the rear-view mirror is essential when driving a car, because it allows you to keep an eye on the road, your vehicle and all the others present behind or to the sides of your vehicle.

Rearview Mirror
Rear view mirror

We all know why it is explained to us in driving school, we talk about it during theory lessons and then obviously during practice: the first thing to do when you get into the car is to adjust the rear-view mirror.

This must be positioned correctly, so that it can be used according to the needs of all motorists. So especially when driving a car are several people from the same household, before starting the engine, it is advisable to pay attention to how the rear view mirror is positioned.

Once done, you can set off in complete safety with perfect rear visibility, everything under control at any time.

The lever on the rear view mirror has a reason, that’s what it is

There is a lever on the rear view mirror which it obviously does not act as a filler elementnor does it serve to embellish the car by embellishing it with details scattered here and there. It serves to do something much more important than what you think.

The stick it is used to move the glass of the rear view mirror which is not flat, but curved and thick on one side. The difference in height was designed to be able to manage the reflection of direct light and therefore to allow the driver to adjust the device as they see fit, avoiding glare during the night.


Adjust the mirror with a very simple lever, here’s how and why

So when needed, just adjust the lever by moving it down or upwards to change the reflection of light and not be afraid of being dazzled while driving at any time of day.

You can be dazzled not only by sunlight, in particular at certain times of the day, but also from the headlights of the cars behind or being overtaken. It may seem trivial but it is not at all, because a minimum mistake or a minimum distractionmay cause an accident.

Some accidents caused by the sun itself or by the lights of other cars demonstrate how dangerous it is to be dazzled while driving.

For this reason we should all learn to use the rear view mirror lever, which allows us to solve the problem in seconds, without problems.

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