Low-cut car roof, €10 is enough to fix it: goodbye mechanic

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Especially in old cars, it can happen suddenly to find the roof unglued, which obviously isn’t a nice surprise, because it means having to spend a lot of money to carry out the repair.

Unglued roof of the car
Low-cut roof of the car -Motori.news

Unfortunately you don’t have much choiceif the roof were to come unstuck, the only thing to do would be to intervene to prevent it from coming off completely in a short time, causing much greater damage.

Obviously anyone think you need to turn to professionals able to solve the problem in a few minutes, in order not to damage the roof even more since they are not practical or in any case of the trade.

But it is wrong, because it can also be done with a do-it-yourself solution, saving a lot. Here’s what to do to reduce spending as much as possible.

How to fix a leaking car roof

In some cases it is possible to attach the detached roof without completely disassembling the cladding, using fasteners and a special glue which greatly reduce costs. If you ask for help from a correct professional, you will notice that the savings are truly impressive, more than one might expect.

In other cases, however, it could be essential to disassemble the internal part, then go and remove the detached roof and proceed following a long and expensive job, which requires a considerable expense that unfortunately not all motorists can afford to deal with.


Here’s how to save money by repairing the roof of your car that is unglued at home with a complete kit that costs 10 euros

If you don’t want to spend a lot, to make sure that the roof doesn’t come off completely, you can act with the do-it-yourself method by proceeding in this way. The first thing to do is buy a kit directly on the internet it costs 10 euros, really small.

This kit, which can be found on all the online sites that deal with the sale of accessories and car maintenance kits, provides the motorist with buckles, pins, even decorative ones, which are fixed to the roof to prevent it from give in suddenly causing far greater damage.

The kit includes high quality clips that have a very long life, do not rust and attach easily. No tools of the trade are required for attaching clips, etc. For example, some are very simple rivets also used to replace mudguards or hoods at home.

Assembly takes place in a few minutes, generally you don’t need help, you save a lot and the final result is of the best.

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