The trick of the CD on the rear window of the car: goodbye forever fines

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Certainly someone will have met at least once in their life motorists who have a CD positioned on the rear window of their car and wondered what could be the reason for such strange behaviour.

CD on the rear window
CD on the rear window

Someone will have discovered the reason immediately, someone else will not. Let’s try to understand what it is and find out if this technique, adopted by mostit really works or it doesn’t.

Let’s say that anyone who drives any vehicle, he studies them all to try to get around the highway code, despite being aware that there is no remedy and that the only thing left to do is respect the rules.

The habit of many motorists has an explanation, that’s what it is

Motorists who place the CD on the rear window of the car, they do it because they adopt a trick that in theory should work and act against the telelaser, a photocell speed camera that catches any vehicle traveling at a speed higher than that indicated by road signs.

This is an old urban legend according to which it is enough to hang a CD on the windshield or rear window to deceive the speed camera and prevent it from detecting the vehicle’s license plate and the speed at which it is travelling.


That’s what the cd hanging on the rear window is for, does it work or not?

Anyone who wants to try can certainly do so, also because everyone has a CD at home that doesn’t work, so you don’t have to spend a single cent and hanging it doesn’t require not even who knows what effort.

Among other things, a CD hanging in the car can come in handy as a decoration. However, you need to know that it doesn’t work at all and therefore, if applied to get around the speed camera, it only gives you fines and disappointments.

This because the telelaser renders any similar solution uselesshaving anti-disturbance and error correction systems that allow at least 200 measurements to be made per second.

The only thing to do when driving any vehicle is to respect the highway code in all its facets, and to avoid burdening the wallet in case of fines, both in order not to put one’s own life and the life of others at risk.

Compliance with the rules is the first fundamental thing, essential, because if they have been designed and imposed, the reason exists and it revolves around the safety of users circulating on the streets.

In extreme cases, extreme remedies: those who, to be sure of not getting fined, by traveling at high speed change the number plate of the car, with a felt-tip pen or sticking tapecommits an illegality that sooner or later pays dearly.

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