€500 fine if you get caught on a bicycle like this: everyone is wrong

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Unfortunately, according to the collective imagination, cycling means being able to do anything, without obligations and prohibitions.

500 euro fine
500 euro fine – Motori.news

Anyone who goes around the streets, on motorcycles, cars, bicycles, scooters and so on, must respect the highway code, all its norms in every facet.

Anyone who doesn’t do so risks getting hefty fines, which can even go over 500 euros.

The cost of living has increased, be careful not to get fines: they are very high

What is arriving now is only bad news for cyclists, who from now on will have to be careful to also respect the rule which at first impact it may seem more trivial.

We all know, the cost of living in recent months has become almost impossible to sustain because the prices of primary goods have skyrocketed. Fuel, food, electricity and gas bills put hundreds of Italian families at risk who risk not making it to the end of the month.

Starting from January, the costs related to fines have also increased, so if before it was dangerous to get a fine of any amount, now it can be considered a ruin for everyone: a single fine can have a heavy impact on the family budget.


Penalties for an error that many cyclists make while riding their bicycle

Here because behaviors that can lead to sanctions of any kind must be minimized. The following rule has always been there, someone didn’t know it, someone else pretended not to be aware of it and it almost always went well. But now that won’t be the case anymore.

From now on, the police will no longer turn a blind eye to anyone, so anyone who travels by bicycle and is caught riding the wrong way risks getting a fine of €500 or more.

Moreover, if the cyclist is caught talking on his cell phone, the fine doubles because two rules of the road code are violated that endanger both the person riding the bicycle and all the others who circulate on the road on foot or by other means.

Ultimately, according to what article 173 of the highway code says, those who travel against traffic risk a fine from €167 to €665. All those who travel on electric vehicles, with motors, cannot use radiotelephone devices while travelling. Anyone who does not comply with the rule in question accepts the risk of receiving fines of 660 euros.

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