Lacquer on the license plate of the car, everyone is doing it now: you can’t imagine the result

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Some operations may seem absurd at first, but in reality they manage to guarantee surprising effects. Many people devise tricks to improve the performance of the car or to ensure protection against theft or other unpleasant incidents. Others, on the other hand, use tricks to try to make their machine – or part of it – “invisible”. What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about spray-painted car license plates.

Lacquer on the car license plate
Lacquer on the car’s license plate – Motori.News

Some tricks they may seem really absurd, but sometimes they turn out to be very useful and important in relation to certain aspects of your car. When the trick complies with the rules and is not illegal, we can consider it to be truly brilliant. If, on the other hand, the ploy was designed and implemented to set in motion a scam, then we can do nothing but vehemently condemn the whole thing.

Many people think of do-it-yourself operations capable of improving different aspects of the car, from the aesthetic and practical one, up to the performance side. However, making structural changes to your car is strictly prohibited by the Highway Code. And this happens if the changed piece has not been approved or is counterfeited. The fines, in these cases, can be very heavy.

The license plate of the car, for example, must always be clearly visible and absolutely not forged. But what is the use of spraying the lacquer on the license plate? Is this move a mere attempt to make it more visible and shiny, or is there more to it? Let’s analyze this matter, shedding light on different aspects. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The hairspray trick sprayed on the license plate: what is it for? Is the move legal?

Many people believe – also according to what can be read on various online blogs – that spraying normal lacquer on the car license plate can be used to put a trick into practice. What is this do-it-yourself operation for? Here’s everything you need to know about this move implemented by some users. We can immediately say that such a trick is completely illegal.

Fraud license plate
Paint on your license plate: everything you need to know about this illegal trick. If you are “caught”, the penalties are heavy – Motori.News

This strange way of using hairspray on the license plate of the car would serve to obtain not just a mere aesthetic improvement. The move, in fact, was designed to implement a real scam, so as not to pay any fines due to excess speed. But what are we referring to?

In fact, there are many who are not willing to regulate the speed in the presence of speed cameras. These electronic devices penalize anyone who is “caught” exceeding the speed limit at a given point. Spraying the lacquer on the car’s license plate would serve – according to popular belief – to make the license plate “invisible”. This move would make the license plate invisible, following the taking of the photo of the device. But is it really so?

The shiny license plate would thus dazzle the speed camera. But it is a belief that we categorically deny. Indeed, speed cameras are calibrated and approved to work best in any situation. The bizarre attempt to forge the license plate would be useless. You will therefore be “caught” in passing at a permitted speed, having to pay a hefty fine.

But that’s not all. If during a police check the attempt to forge the license plate is ascertained, then the troubles for you would be even greater. The fine could be enormous and could even end up in a penalty, as expressed by thearticle 100 of the Highway Code.

Here’s what you can read: “Anyone who circulates with a vehicle equipped with a license plate that is not their own or counterfeit, will then be punished with the administrative sanction of paying a sum from Euro 2,046 to Euro 8,186. Anyone who forges, tampers with or alters vehicle number plates or uses tampered with, forged or altered number plates is punishable under the penal code”.

Plate lacquer
Spray the hairspray – Motori.News

To conceal the license plate, some also use tape or other physical obstacles. Attempting to forge a license plate is a real crime. NEVER act like this if you don’t want trouble. The only thing to do, therefore, is to respect the speed limits and all road rules.