When you put petrol you always have to touch the bodywork of the car: the reason is disturbing

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Knowing how to make petrol in the right way is very important both to guarantee you economic savings and to never have problems related to safety. Before touching the petrol dispenser it is essential to put into practice an apparently useless move, namely that of touching the bodywork of your motorized vehicle. Let’s find out the reasons, you will be truly amazed. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Touch the car body
Touching the bodywork of the car – Motori.News

Since the outbreak of war on Ukrainian territory linked to the Russian invasion, the issue of price increases in every sector has shaken all Italians. As in any sector, even within the fuel there have been heavy increases related to the cost per liter of it. Some government measures have made it possible to mitigate the problem, but petrol is still today it costs much more than before.

In addition, the stop on excise duty cuts has been abolished since January 1st. The fuel, therefore, is being paid at full price. Italians are increasingly looking for ways to guarantee themselves a few tens of euros in savings at the end of the month.

Driving at a moderate speed and in the right gears, for example, can be very important. Having a gentle driving style and keeping the windows up as much as possible can also play a fundamental role in terms of fuel consumption.

Furthermore, refueling in self-service mode is the choice that we widely recommend. Also avoid overpriced petrol stations, including refueling on the motorway. In self-service mode there are some very important rules to follow. Why is it advisable to touch your car before proceeding with the operations relating to filling up with petrol? Here’s what you need to know.

Always touch the bodywork of the car before refueling: let’s find out why

More and more people are refueling automatically, using the self-service mode. In fact, it allows you to save something in terms of fuel costs. When filling up with petrol, however, no detail should ever be overlooked, so as to always guarantee maximum safety for everyone. Why is touching the bodywork of the car so important before touching the dispenser? Here is the incredible reason.

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Touch the bodywork of your car before refueling. Let’s find out why it is important to act in this way – Motori.News

When you get out of your car to refuel, there is always one thing to remember. Apparently it may seem meaningless, but, instead, it will prove to be very useful as far as the safety yourself and the other people present at the petrol station at that moment.

Your clothes, during your journey by car, will come into contact – of course – with the fabric of the seats. This can generate a electrostatic charge more or less important, depending on the case. Touching the petrol dispenser to refuel, this aspect can cause a spark or a jolt, as happens if you come into contact with other people.

In this case, however, the security risk to everyone could be significantly greater. The electrostatic charge can cause a spark which, in the worst case, can cause a fire caused by fuel vapors.

How to do, therefore, to eliminate any risk and to completely reduce the electric charge? All you have to do is touch the bodywork of your car a few moments before proceeding to refuel. If you do this before holding the regulator, you will make yourself and everyone else safe.

Refueling – Motori.News

If you weren’t aware of that, you will now have discovered a detail that could really protect everyone in this particular case. The risk of causing a fire is obviously very low, but why tempt fate? Touch your car and avoid any danger!

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