Put a piece of cork in the car door – here’s why

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Many times it happens to read seemingly absurd things, but which in reality turn out to be truly brilliant. And this applies to any area of ​​our daily life. In this article we will highlight a very particular aspect for our car. Why can a cork stopper guarantee benefits to the car in our possession? Let’s find out the importance of this element when placed inside the door. Here are all the details about it.

Cork in the door
Cork in the door – Motori.News

Many people treat their car as if it were a child. In fact, many spend several hours of their day in the car for work or other reasons. Every move, therefore, must always be comfortable and every detail must never be underestimated. If you care about car care and cleaning, then in this article you will make a discovery that will improve your experience inside the vehicle.

The car door is used to allow you to enter or exit the vehicle. A fundamental thing is that it is always functional. In fact, hermetically closing it will protect your car from attempted theft by criminals and will prevent the external air from entering the internal environment, causing an alteration of the temperature.

Some objects or elements apparently not useful for the car can actually guarantee very practical, economical and reliable solutions. A simple can come to your aid – in solving a common problem piece of cork. It will have to be placed inside the car door. The benefits of this move will be immediately apparent.

But what happens if you put one or more corks inside your car door? Here is the incredible find that will improve one aspect of your car. Anyone who enters it will benefit. Here are all the details about it.

Cork in the car door: this is its incredible function

Many people have to deal with unpleasant odors often present inside their car. There are several methods to solve the problem. First of all, it is essential to clean the internal environment often, hanging special car air fresheners on the mirror or in other areas. But if you don’t want to buy these products, then cork stoppers will come to your rescue.

Cork stoppers in your car can solve the problem related to bad smells – Motori.News

Annoying odors inside the car are caused by poor internal hygiene, but not only. Especially in the winter months, when rain and adverse weather conditions dominate, it may happen that the carpets and interiors become soaked in water and humidity. In the long run, this thing can compromise the air inside the car, giving off unpleasant odors.

To fix it all, constant hygiene and cleanliness can be combined with the presence of some cork stoppers inside the car door. What are they for? Cork has the “merit” of being able to absorb odours. If you want to breathe better air inside your car, avoiding unnecessary risks to your health, adopt this procedure.

Cut a cork in two and add a small amount of essential oil or lemon juice to both parts. Place the cut parts inside the car door and you will see that the cork will ensure the absorption of bad odors as soon as possible.

Car door
Auto counter – Motori.News

As obvious as it is, the cork stopper will have to be changed approximately every 72 hours. The cork will absorb odors, as mentioned, while the essential oil will ensure perfume inside the car. Ginger may also have the same odor-absorbing properties.

These natural remedies they are very important to ensure more breathable air inside the car. As obvious as it is, this move won’t be enough on its own. Car cleaning is always the first thing to do, to avoid any problem related to unpleasant odors inside it.

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