Have you ever noticed this hook on the petrol gun? You won’t believe your eyes

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Refueling is increasingly becoming something that generates anxiety in millions of Italian motorists. This is due to rising fuel prices and an increasingly poor economic situation for many people. In this article, however, we will also highlight a more technical and practical aspect with reference to refueling at the distributor. Are you aware of the function of the hook on the petrol gun? Here are all the details about it.

Hook on the gun
Hook on the gun -Motori.news

The theme linked to petrol has been held for many months in our country. In fact, the increases in the price per liter of petrol and diesel have had a very close impact on Italians, who are increasingly struggling with a much higher cost of living than in previous years. An increasingly alarming situation, therefore.

The stop on the cut in excise duties is certainly not liked by many, but some petrol bonuses – such as the one from 200 euros to employees – are trying to mitigate the situation.

To try to limit fuel consumption, it is advisable to choose the most convenient distributor and always try to refuel using the self-service mode. For each full tank of petrol, you can save many euros compared to petrol stations with above-average prices. Furthermore, the ‘served’ mode increases the cost per liter by several cents.

Having a constant and not abrupt driving style, limiting the use of the car to the bare essentials and moderating speed are other aspects that will allow us to save some money at the end of the month.

But are you aware that there is a special hook on the petrol gun? Do you know what it’s for? Here’s everything you need to know about this specific item. It it will ensure more convenience when refueling. Here are all the details about it.

Hook on the petrol gun, what is it for? Here’s everything you need to know

Especially those who are not experts in the sector will not be aware of an important feature present on any petrol pump. To refuel your car, you will need to insert money into the machine and unlock the selected petrol pump. At this point, by extracting the dispenser it will be possible to insert it inside the tank. By pressing the trigger on the petrol nozzle, fuel will begin to flow out and into the tank. But what is the hook on the gun for?

Petrol hook
Hook on the petrol nozzle: here’s what it’s for and why it’s so useful – Motori.News

The procedure that we have just outlined is the usual way to refuel your car in self-service mode. As we said before, refueling without the help of a petrol station attendant will allow you to save several euros with each tank of petrol. Being able to proceed independently, therefore, is essential.

As mentioned, pressing the trigger of the petrol nozzle will allow this element to flow inside the tank. If you plan to fill up, know that it will take some time for the tank to fill up completely. Therefore, holding the trigger firmly pressed with your finger could prove to be quite uncomfortable and impractical.

But you have to know that on any petrol pistol there is a hook, which acts as a real lock. It allows the handle to be held in place and the trigger to dispense fuel without you having to hold it down steadily. An extremely practical feature, able to simplify things when refuelling.

Furthermore, there is no risk that the petrol will flow out of the tank once it is full. In fact, all petrol stations are equipped with pumps capable of blocking the flow completely automatically, thanks to the presence of some sensors. Upon reaching the selected figure or when full has been reached, a “click” will inform you of the end of the refuelling. You will be able to extract the pistol and hang it up in its appropriate space.

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