Socks on the wipers, because everyone is doing it: absurd

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A method as useful as it is surprising is to put socks on the wipers: why do so many do it? Let’s find out together

Socks on the wipers
Socks on the wipers

The arrival of winter has rekindled the age-old problem of frozen windshield. It happens every morning: we find ourselves having to find a way to defrost as quickly as possible. In the most serious cases it is necessary to use the scraper to remove excess icein others it is enough to activate the air conditioner in hot mode to let us be ready to circulate in a few seconds.

We know several methods to prevent the problem of ice on the windshield: one of these involves spraying one solution formed by 3/4 of vinegar and 1/4 of water the night before, when we park the car once we get home. In this way, the next morning we will find a more or less clean glass.

And then there is the speech of wiper rubber: it is clear that being out in the cold they risk “sticking” to the formation of ice on their surface, ruining themselves as a result. The solution usually used is therefore to “lift” them before leaving or to place a piece of cardboard between the wipers and the glass of the windscreen.

Yet, now we can also tell you about another method which is about, brace yourself, simple socks.

Why use socks on windshield wipers: the ingenious method

The use of socks it does exactly what you imagine. It “protects” the windscreen wipers from the cold and allows you to safeguard the health of the rubber especially if you have to use them the next morning on the frozen windscreen in order to help you remove the ice from the surface.

Frozen windshield
Frozen windshield –

We are talking about a method as simple as it is effective and which certainly allows us to keep windshield wipers healthy and prevent them from being easily damaged over time, forcing us to change them.

And these are not subtleties because having a car in good condition in all its components, including the windscreen wipers, is essential to prevent them from create dangers while driving. Damaged windshield wipers, for example, will end up not cleaning the glass well in the event of heavy rain, seriously affecting visibility and endangering you and others.

Ice scraper on windshield
Ice scraper on windshield –

These whom we have stated are therefore gods simple tips that won’t change your life, but will definitely help you improve it in those little things of all games. The frozen windshield on winter mornings is the number one nightmare and nuisance for any motorist who is forced to leave the car outside: therefore, having solutions to prevent this problem is certainly very useful.

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