No motorist uses it, with this button you save hundreds of €

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A single button can make drivers save big bucks on fuel, let’s see what we’re talking about.

Save with this button
Save with this button –

To date it is needless to say, the price of diesel and petrol has reached absurd figures that not everyone can afford to spend.

For this reason most motorists have chosen to leave private vehicles aside to move on public transport despite being unreliable and being quite aware of it.

The best way to save fuel

In reality you don’t need to be so tragic and dramatic, you just need to put tricks into practice allow you to save a lot on petrol, taking advantage of functions and never present on almost all vehicles in the world of almost however not everyone is informed.

The cruise control function, for example, is the one that is right for us, it is always clearly visible on the steering wheel, it allows you to travel in the car saving as much as possible, keeping the speed under control, indicating the right method of acceleration and deceleration, both for safety reasons and in terms of savings.

Cruise control, how to free the driver assistant

The cruise control is a regulator that intervenes in short ranges, just press the brake pedal to free the driving assistant, nothing could be more absurd and practical at the same time.

According to what has been explained by the experts the function acts on the resistance of the wheels, on the speed, etc.

So in a nutshell, the system comes into operation by controlling the cruising speed of the vehicle but not on all roads and not in all circumstances.

For example, it doesn’t work where there are traffic jams, just as it doesn’t activate on small roads with no visibility, much less on steep roads. As a result, it only works on roads where you are driving under normal conditions.

When you travel on the motorway, you are convinced that you are saving money because you are traveling at high speeds, in reality even here if you do not drive well and do not use the pedals and gears correctly you risk consuming fuel at random.

On all the motorways, the engineers have calculated slopes, curves and climbs, then they have installed bridges and tunnels, all to allow for higher speeds to be reached which, however, must not make us forget about safety and the attention that must always remain high. A maneuver performed incorrectly can cause an accident.

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