Why do so many hang a reflective jacket on the mirror? The reason is absurd

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When you break down with your car, due to any breakdown, it is very important to pull over to the side of the road and make yourself and all other road users passing through that point safe. Therefore, it is appropriate to make the medium visible in any way. First of all it is essential to wear the reflective jacket and signal the obstacle on the road thanks to the appropriate triangle. But do you know that many people don’t limit themselves to this? Why do they put another jacket on the mirror? Here is the incredible detail on this matter.

Reflective jacket on the mirror
Reflective jacket on the mirror – Motori.News

A mechanical or technical breakdown of your car is, unfortunately, a possibility that you must always consider when you get behind the wheel. In fact, it can happen to everyone to remain on foot, due to various reasons. In case of problem, it is important never to panic and to follow all the correct procedures to ensure maximum safety for yourself and others.

The Highway Code establishes the obligation to have certain elements in the car essential to use in an emergency. They are the triangle and the reflective jacket. Other items, such as a first aid kit and spare wheel, are not mandatory but strongly recommended. In fact, it is advisable to take the best precautions in the event that you come across technical problems or road accidents.

The obligation to have a reflective vest has been in place since April 1st 2004, after the entry into force of law number 47. This garment must always be worn at night in the event of a breakdown on the side of the road. In case of poor visibility or parking in a dangerous place, it will be mandatory to wear it even during the day.

All this to be recognizable and seen by other motorists even at a certain distance. But do you know that it is important to have more reflective vests in the car? They must be used by all people on board in case of need, but not only. That’s why it’s important to place one on your car’s mirror as well.

Reflective jacket on the mirror: that’s why it’s important to place it there

The reflective vest is highly visible. It must be approved and possess the CE mark and the UNI EN 471 initials, in such a way as to be able to reflect the light of the headlights of other cars and other light sources present in that road point. Let’s find out the importance of placing one on the mirror of your car.

Car breakdown
Here’s what to do in an emergency – Motori.News

The jacket must always be worn in the emergency lanes or in the rest areas of the motorways. Furthermore, before placing the warning triangle on the road, it will be essential to wear the reflective vest. This is what it predicts Article 162 of the Highway Code.

If law enforcement were to “catch” someone without a reflective vest on during an emergency, then the fine will be insured. Then, the fine ranges from 41 to 169 euros. In addition, 2 points will be deducted from the driving licence.

As we have anticipated, all passengers who get out of the car are required to wear the special reflective jacket. So, inside the car it will be essential to have one for each seat. Other people, to increase the safety and visibility of their vehicle in an emergency, keep one more. To do with what?

The people most attentive to every detail – during an emergency stop – have a reflective jacket on the left mirror of their car. In this way, the visibility of the vehicle increases even more and any problems and risks for other cars are avoided.

A choice that seems very wise to us and that we highly recommend to everyone. NEVER let yourself be caught unprepared in case of need.

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