High Performance Porsche Taycan Prototype Spotted With TDI Badge

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Electric Porsche prototypes have been spied repeatedly with faux exhaust tips, but the folks from Zuffenhausen are taking the irony to the next level. Our car paparazzi have spotted the potential for a high-performance version of the Taycan with the TDI badge. To make the joke even funnier, the red “D” and “I” seen here have been used in Volkswagen models with more powerful diesel engines. Obviously, that’s not the case here as there is no ICE.

There’s a lot to see beyond that cute badge. For starters, the prototype flaunts a large wing at the rear where there is also a trunk lid spoiler. The rear bumper has been modified to accommodate winglets at both corners. Big brakes and fat tires suggest we’re dealing with a beefier Taycan, which also happens to have a roll cage instead of a rear seat. However, the next production version is unlikely to retain it.

The slightly reworked front fascia is noticeable as the bumper has gained a prominent splitter and winglets. Porsche covered up the area around the headlights and put some nifty duct tape on the bumper as a rudimentary form of camouflage. Overall, Tesla’s Model S Plaid competitor appears set to receive a series of aerodynamic upgrades similar to the GT versions of the 718 and 911 sports cars.

It’s unclear if any power upgrades are in the works to outperform the Turbo S. Some time ago, our spy photographer learned from a Porsche insider working out of the R&D center in Weissach that this new derivative could have over 1,000 horsepower. However, take the info with a pinch of salt as nothing is official at this point. That would represent a huge bump considering the Turbo S “only” has 751 hp for 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds with launch control.

Another piece of the puzzle that we’re currently missing has to do with weight. The current top range tipped the scales at around 2,300 kilograms (5,100 pounds), so a diet would be more acceptable. All should be revealed later this year considering that Porsche has been testing the spicy Taycan for several months.

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