The Nissan Kicks 327 Edition Is The Unique Collaboration We All Saw Coming

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Auto companies collaborating with other non-car brands to promote vehicles is not news. Some of the typical unions we saw were luxury cars and watches, and car-inspired sneakers.

But Nissan has a different opinion with its latest campaign for the Kicks crossover in Japan. With a name that is literally used as a slang term for sneakers, the Japanese car brand turned that around and created the Nissan Kicks inspired by a pair of shoes – specifically, a pair of New Balance 327s. Meet the Nissan Kicks Edition 327, and it looks absolutely adorable.

To that end, Nissan has wrapped the Nissan Kicks e-Power 4WD with a design that matches the New Balance 327. The New Balance logo stands out on the right side of the crossover, while the left side shows the big Nissan Kicks 327 Edition branding.

Meanwhile, the rest of the wrapping recreates the texture of the New Balance shoe’s iconic white suede fabric and sole, representing the shoe down to the last detail. Even the roof of the Nissan Kicks comes with a factory “tongue”, with white laces that continue onto the hood of the crossover.

The Nissan Kicks 327 Edition isn’t just a harmless joke, mind you. The car will be exhibited at Nissan Crossing, a reworking of the Nissan Gallery, a Ginza landmark for more than 50 years. it comes with marketing campaign for a one-off called “Catch the Kicks” where people who view and post the crossover on Twitter will get a chance to win a Nissan Kicks e-Power 4WD themselves. However, it is not specified whether the prize will have this Edition 327 livery.

Those who didn’t get the chance to catch the special Kicks can retweet the appropriate Nissan Motors Twitter post and also get a chance to win a pair of New Balance 327s.

Meanwhile, Nissan Kicks 327 Edition stickers will be available at the New Balance Ginza official store from January 24 onwards on a first come, first serve basis. Those who bring the sticker to the Crossing Cafe on the second floor of Nissan Crossing will receive a cup of the cafe’s special macchiato.

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