Specifications for the Kia EV9 2024 have the potential to leak ahead of this year’s debut

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  • A reader contacts Car and Driverprovided screenshots from a customer survey showing potential specs for the upcoming Kia EV9 electric mid-size SUV.
  • Surveys show the EV9 starts at $56,000 with rear-wheel drive, with the top trim bringing all-wheel drive and costing $73,000.
  • The range is expected to be between 220 and 290 miles, while horsepower will increase from 200 ponies in the base model to 400 hp in the top trim.

Car and Driver has obtained documents from Kia that may show specifications for the upcoming 2024 electric Kia EV9. A reader, who claims to have Telluride, reaches out CD after they received a survey for prospective EV owners and sent out screenshots purporting to show details about the electric crossover’s powertrain, price, and range.

While these potential specifications could easily change before the EV9 reaches production, the information in the survey paints a good picture of Kia’s targets for its new three-row EV SUV. In a statement to Car and DriverKia said, “Like other auto companies, we continually evaluate the market and conduct regular research to inform future product developments.”

Testing kia ev9 2024


Trim-level names for the five EV9 models listed remain a mystery, but the document states that the two lower trims will come with rear-wheel drive, 200 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. The base model will apparently start at around $56,000, provide a range of 220 miles and a claimed 60-mph time of 8.5 seconds, but without towing capacity. Stepping up to the $61,000 RWD trim, which presumably has a larger battery pack, lets you tow 2,000 pounds and adds an extra 70 miles of range at the expense of 0.4 seconds in the sprint to 60 mph.

Opting for all-wheel drive will set you back at least $63,000, but the upgraded powertrain is expected to produce 400 hp and 380 pound-feet. Range dropped to 260 miles, but towing capacity jumped to 3,500 pounds and the 60 mph time was cut to 6.0 seconds. Paying $68,000 for the next trim added 20-inch wheels instead of the standard 19, cutting range to 240 miles.

Kia ev9 2024 concept

Kia EV9 concept from 2021.


The top trim, priced at $73,000, features roughly the same range, but torque is increased to 480 pound-feet and claimed 60 mph drop to 5.2 seconds. Towing capacity increases to 4,500 pounds. This version also gets black 21-inch wheels, black exterior trim, and 0.4 inches of extra ground clearance.

The EV9 will be the electric counterpart of the popular Telluride midsize SUV and will go on sale in the second half of 2023. The EV9 will use the e-GMP platform which will also underpin the Hyundai Ioniq 7. The teaser photo shows a design that will be very similar to the concept shown in the 2021 Los Angeles auto show, and now we probably have a decent idea of ​​what to expect from the EV9.

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