Porsche Das Treffen Hosts Old-Meets-New In Bangkok

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Porsche enthusiasts from around the world flocked to Thailand for the recent Porsche Das Treffen. Das Treffen, or ‘The Meeting’ in German, not only brings together all generations of Porsche sports cars but also brings together every generation of the Porsche community

The event, which is the seventh installation of the gathering, has the theme Dreams in Colors this year. It pays homage to the bevy of Porsche paint colors on display, along with the many different personalities and aspirations of the participants. The Porsche Das Treffen 7 event is being held in a carnival-like atmosphere at Impact Speed ​​Park in Bangkok.

One of the highlights of Das Treffen is the display of classic and modern Porsche models, including the air-cooled Porsche 911 and supercars such as the 918 Spyder. Rare and sought-after models are also on the scene, including the 911 Speedster in Paint-to-Sample Oak Green Metallic and the classic 911 F-Series in Burgundy Red.

Sihabutr “Tenn” Xoomsai, founder of Das Treffen, has loved Porsches ever since he drove them as a child: his father’s friend’s friend’s new Porsche 964. Das Treffen has come a long way since its grassroots start in 2016. At this point, the annual gathering has grown to become the largest Porsche gathering in Southeast Asia.

Besides the vibrant Porsche look, Das Treffen 7 also comes with other activities for the whole family. There’s the popular Gymkhana Zone, where Porsche owners compete in time trials, as well as the Children’s Driving School where young Porsche enthusiasts hone their skills behind the wheel.

Das Treffen 7 is even more significant this year for Porsche. The company celebrates 75 years of Porsche Sportscars this year. 2023 also marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic Porsche 911, as well as the 30th anniversary of Porsche in Thailand.