No parking, they no longer give you a fine: you can put it wherever you want

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A specific case allows you not to pay the fine for no parking: sometimes appealing is worth the time it costs…

Do not stop

One of the most widespread fines is certainly that for Do not stop. Sometimes it happens by mistake: because we haven’t noticed a sign hidden perhaps by something or we are simply distracted e we leave the car where we shouldn’t.

Therefore, if we are unlucky, on our return we will find the nice piece of paper lying between the wiper and the windshield. What to do? If we are certain that we are wrong, we can only pay and do so within the pre-established terms, so as to also receive a 30% discount. Otherwise, if that fine seems inexplicable to us and we’re sure we’re right, well, it’s really time to appeal.

Nonetheless, it is clear that no one wants to start a legal battle and many times you prefer to leave it alone, pay the fine and get it over with. However, the most tenacious do not give up and decide to get to the bottom of the matter, certain that they really don’t deserve that sanction. If you are among them, listen to what you should do in case of a parking fine.

Parking fine: when it is valid and how to cancel it

The signal that regulates the prohibition of parking is part of the prescription signs and provides for the impossibility of parking, but not of stopping. Generally, in built-up areas it is valid from 8 in the morning to 20 in the eveningas signaled by the supplementary panel, while outside the city it is valid 24 hours a day. If the supplementary panel is missing, its validity ceases when it is not repeated at the first adjacent intersection.

No parking sign
No parking sign –

Be careful though: pay close attention to the cartel. Does it look discolored or almost illegible to you? In that case the fine is liable to be cancelled. As well as in the event that it is not positioned correctly, has been detached, tampered with or is not consistent with the road situation in which it is found. Also, if you get the fine notification beyond 90 days you have the right not to pay the fine.

Also pay attention to whether the report has been drawn up correctly, especially as regards the license plate, type of vehicle and more: a small mistake is enough for the Justice of the Peace to agree with us.

In all other cases in which you are simply guilty and are forced to pay the fine, let’s see what the specifics tells us.article 158 of the Highway Code. Here we find out that the penalties for no parking they start at 41 euros and go up to 168 in case of traffic obstruction.

Do not stop
No parking –

Fine the latter which doubles further up to 335 euros if the car prevents the passage of ambulances and other public services. And you must also add 2 points less on the license and the risk of withdrawing the vehicle registration document.

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