Audi Activesphere Concept Teases Again, Shows Side Profile Ahead of Debut

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Audi will unveil a new concept car called Activesphere – the fourth and final member of the Audi Sphere Concepts, first shown in 2021. Now, the German manufacturer has teased the upcoming concept again on its Facebook page ahead of its debut.

The latest teaser shows the side profile of the Audi Activesphere Concept, which practically displays its swoopy silhouette. We tried to digitally remove the shadows of the teaser, but the automaker was a bit more careful this time around as we found no hidden details. Then again, the concept’s considerable ground clearance is evident in the shadow images, which is in keeping with Audi’s claim that it will be “The ambitious adventurer. Where active and elegant meet…”

Audi Activesphere Teaser Side Profile
Audi Activesphere Teaser Side Profile (lit)

The first Audi Activesphere Concept teaser was shown back in August 2022, showing all-terrain tires and a shadow representation of its front quarter view. The next teaser was introduced before the end of the year, featuring the concept from the top view, which showed a stylish rear deck, glass roof and widened fenders. We also got a peek at the cabin, although all we can say is that the occupants of the vehicle will see red inside.

In August 2021, Audi unveiled their Skysphere concept, a roofless two-door EV sports car with a long hood and adjustable wheelbase. The car’s design was intended to provide comfortable touring and high-performance handling.

Following the Skysphere, Audi introduced the Grandsphere concept in September 2021. The Grandsphere shares several design elements with the Skysphere, but is presented as an elegant electric sedan that Audi describes as a “private jet for the road”.

The third concept in the series, the Audi Urbansphere, was revealed a few months later. This vehicle is in the form of a minivan with a very spacious cabin. The three concepts showcase Audi’s vision for future electric vehicles with advanced designs and features.

The Audi Activesphere will be revealed on January 26, 2023. It reads “The future was not invented. It was created.” The concept is expected to provide an overview of the future of Audi design and technology in line with electrification.

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