Never park like this, if they see you it’s a 1666 euro fine: as much as a salary

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Parking a little at random, wherever there is some free space, is unfortunately the common habit of many motorists and others.

Never park like this
Never park like this –

It has happened to everyone at least once in their life to be in a hurry, not find the right parking space and choose to park at homeor to do earlier.

We all do it, in fact, just look at the road to notice that many cars are parked badly, while others are really abandoned, often even not covered by insurance, which is risky especially following checks by the police.

Parking a car and abandoning it is risky not only for yourself but also for others

Cars parked without insurance coverage and not properly maintained, in the long run they can also turn into a danger to other people.

Unfortunately this detail is not often taken into consideration, yet it is important to know that for such a mistake you risk receiving more than heavy fines.

So it is essential to be careful and scrupulous trying to get information properly about what your responsibilities are.

Public roads are not open-air depots, so you can’t leave your vehicles anywhere for as long as you want. Mainly because those who have petrol inside they can explode. We can imagine the absurd consequences dictated by a trivial mistake.

Someone, to avoid problems of any kind, thinks of removing the license plate so as not to be caught. This solution is also not good and does not work.

If you inherit a half which you don’t want to take charge of and you don’t even have an idea of ​​where you can park it and keep it safe is better look for a valid alternative to abandonment on the street.


What you risk by abandoning your car or motorbike or trailer on the street

Leaving the car parked where it cannot fit means running the risk of it being removed, i costs are obviously borne by the owner of the vehicle.

A car appears to have been abandoned if and when it is left parked for a long time, therefore weeks or months in the same place.

If following reports the authorities realize that the offending machine has really been abandoned and the checks on the case beginit goes back to the owner, in the absence of the plates the chassis number is used.

If it has not been stolen, it is forced to be removed with notice to the owner. At this point the owner of the vehicle has 60 days to recover Lauro, after this established time the vehicle is demolished.

Abandonment of a vehicle on the street is punished with a fine of 1,666.67 euros for cars and 600 euros for motorcycles or trailers.