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When you’re driving a vehicle of any kind, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle or a heavy vehicle, it makes little difference, you have so many responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to abide by all the rules unless you want to risk huge fines.

€870 fine
€870 fine –

All this to ensure that traffic is safeboth for themselves and for others. The highway code is chock full of rules, which allow you to circulate calmly and serenely by any means of transport, even on foot at any time of day.

Failure to comply with the law immediately triggers several heavy fines, which must be paid immediately, unless you want to risk something more serious. The fine ranges from a minimum of €870 to a maximum of €3,396.

The law does not allow excuses or ignorance, that’s what you risk

We all know that the law does not admit ignorance or misinformation, for which there is no excuse: if the rules are violated, whoever they are, they pay dearly for everything.

For this reason, every time you move on a motor vehicle or simply by bike since these too must comply with the highway code even if few know it, it is better to inquire.

The highway code is constantly updated, therefore it could have been inserted or modified from one moment to the next some rule that makes you fall into the trap and that gives way to a flurry of fines.

What must never be missing in a vehicle that circulates

In any case, one thing is certain and it will hardly ever change, traveling for short or long journeys you must always be covered by insurance, because without an insurance policy you are not protected in the event of a road accident.

So if you are at fault you are forced to pay back the damages caused to the other vehiclewhile if you suffer damages despite being on the side of reason you are not entitled to any compensation.

To be dangerous is also a checkpoint of the Carabinieri or the Police and in general of the forces of order. Because if you were to be around without an insurance policy, what you risk is being left without a car because in this case the police are in duty to stop the vehicle by impounding it.

Then it can be released at a later time, or when the insurance is in order. The same thing happens if you leave your car parked on any street in your country, anyone can trace the machine data through the license plate.

The uninsured car is impounded if the insurance has not been paid for at least six months.

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