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Obtaining a driving license is essential if you want to drive any vehicle, from a car to a motorbike, unless you want to risk not only a simple fine but also much more.

You don't need a licence
You don’t need a driving license –

There are many people who drive vehicles despite not having a driving license, having never obtained one, partly out of misinformation and ignorance, but also out of choice without giving any weight to what could be the consequences of the gesture.

The highway code is full of rules that allow you to move around in safety, which we don’t all know due to lack of interest despite being aware of the risks we run in this way. In reality, we should inform ourselves properly both for personal safety and for wallet safety.

What motorists of all ages need to know

Precisely with regard to the driving license there is information that many motorists or young people still without this document do not know, which, however, could make a difference especially in some circumstances.

For example, a driving license B is not really necessary when driving a type of car that we have all seen at least once in a lifetime in any city in the world. We are talking about minicars or small cars that can be driven from an early age without a driving license B.

Here’s the detail that not everyone knows, which has to do with driving licenses and minicars

Minicars are considered a real innovation because they are used by both young and old for convenience. These little cars they allow you to move from one part of the city to another or even beyond, without consuming too much fuel and without spending who knows how much money to obtain a driving licence.

Article 53 of the highway code makes it legal to travel on minicars without a driving license, which speaks of four-wheeled vehicles that provide for the transport of only two people, therefore only one in addition to the driver, without exceeding 0.0055 tonnes and on which you can travel at a speed of no more than 80 km/h.

To be honest, to be truly fair, it is not true that you don’t need a licence, you need to have an AM licence, which can be obtained as soon as you turn 14 and through which you can drive all light vehicles up to 4 kW, with an average speed of 45 km per hour .

If you want to drive up to 80km/h, instead you need the B1 license which you can take at 16 years old.

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