Custom Camper Van Hides Large Bathroom Behind Faux Jungle

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Out of necessity, most camper van builds seek to maximize space and functionality. Often that means making trade-offs between workspaces, storage, and kitchen and bathroom areas. Normally, bathrooms are sidelined, but not in this building which is among the largest spaces we’ve ever seen.

Designed and built by Van Life Builds, the layout of this tiny house on wheels is different from most. Instead of placing a bunk bed at the back, a double bed is placed at the rear of the cabin and converted into a seating area. Above that, a child’s cot takes up some of the space above the cabin and doubles as additional storage space.

Drawers add additional work space, pull out to increase counter area and provide storage. Reclaimed Douglas fir used throughout the interior adds warmth, as does the custom coffee nook, which also serves as interior color inspiration. The designers wanted the interior to feel like a warm hug, especially in cold climates.

An open layout seeks to maximize space and make interiors appear larger than they really are. Cabinets line both sides of the interior with portholes that lend a light and nautical feel to the interior. Curved shapes were used for the top bunk and bathroom walls, which were covered with fake forest wallpaper.

An arched door opened to reveal a large wet room with room for two. At first, the space looked luxurious. It appears to take up a third of what appears to be a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. But it’s meant to double as a dressing room and additional storage when not in use. The wet room has a large rain shower head, shower bench and large mirror. A small portable toilet is in a hidden area and can be accessed from behind the camper to empty.

Electricity is provided by a pair of 100 amp hour batteries stored with a power inverter in the seating area. Heat and hot water systems are supplied by Whale Van Life who specialize in water and heating systems for camping. The beauty of this system is that it mounts under the living room, so it doesn’t take up valuable interior space.

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